Distraction has reached new heights at the office of creative agency DHNN. Instead of trying to ignore buzzing group texts on your phone or the snacks in the company kitchen, imagine having to avoid the temptation to jump in the office pool?



Upon arriving at DHNN’s work address, a two-level house in the Vicente López neighborhood, the first thing you’ll see inside is the pool surrounded by a garden and barbecue. “We are here one third of the day working, so we wanted to create an atmosphere that we’d want to be in,” says Lucas Davison, DHNN’s director.




DHNN’s 20-person team is a mix of graphic designers and client account managers. The former have their offices downstairs, while the latter are based upstairs in rooms that have been turned into workspaces. Together, they have taken on interactive experience projects, like creating a surrealistic polygon video world for MTV and developing bright orange and blue digital branding for Visa’s payment systems. Meanwhile, the common spaces, like the kitchen, dining room, and garden, are used for meetings.




“We work in here because we wanted a different way of working,” says Davison. “The backyard and pool are the best examples of that. During the summer we encourage people to go outside, and not work in front of their computers.”




DHNN has a history of remaking unconventional spaces into offices to give employees more room to breathe. Previously, the team transformed an old bakery plant into a loft workspace. “When we started expanding the team, we were trying to find a place that avoids the common ‘corporate’ feeling,” says Davison. “No offices with multiple desks and technical facilities.” But a pool? Most definitely on the list.


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