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Piya Sorcar: Why You Should Obsess Over Quality

About this talk

While many of today’s entrepreneurs preach “shipping” early and often, TeachAIDS founder Piya Sorcar believes in the benefits of slowing down to get things right. Sorcar has had to overcome hurdles like technology access, language barriers, and cultural taboos that leave little margin for error. After working to create and distribute effective AIDS education materials in 70 countries, Sorcar shares her key takeaways for ensuring that you produce your best work, including the benefits of doing meticulous research, vigorously gathering data, and inventing processes to discover new insights about your craft.

Piya Sorcar, Founder & CEO, TeachAIDS

Named in MIT Technology Review’s TR35 list of Innovators Under 35 in 2011, Dr. Sorcar is the founder and CEO of TeachAIDS, a nonprofit social venture founded at Stanford, which creates breakthrough software used in over 50 countries. Funded by UNICEF, Barclay’s, Google, Yahoo!, and other organizations, the TeachAIDS software addresses numerous persistent problems in HIV prevention, and provides the most effective HIV education tools to schools, governments, and NGOs worldwide—for free.
Comments (3)
  • Chris

    This post is awesome! Thanks to the author.

  • Dla

    I am surprised nobody has commented on this video. But I really find it inspiring how dedicated and detailed they carried out the task to make sure the quality was excellent.

    Thumbs up for this excellent talk. Great work Piya! Keep doing what you’re doing, there are bound to be people who would appreciate this in the long-term.

  • Nate

    It’s interesting people find 2D animation comforting.

    I’ve noticed hospitals using 2D characters in their ads (along with comforting colors and simple language).

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