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Patrician McCarthy: What’s Your Innate Gift?

About this talk

“We make things happen by knowing who we are,” says Mien Shiang Institute founder Patrician McCarthy. Drawing on the Taoist technique of medical facial diagnosis, McCarthy illustrates how the ancient art of “face reading” can shed new light on our own strengths and weaknesses, and help us work with others more effectively.

Patrician McCarthy, Founder, The Mien Shiang Institute

Patrician McCarthy is the first Mien Shiang expert to translate this ancient science for the mainstream American public. She founded The Mien Shiang Institute to teach the Taoist technique of Medical Facial Diagnosis, Wu Xing (the Five Element philosophy), and Face Reading. In 2000, she created the first university Certificate Program on these teachings in the United States. She has served on the faculties of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Los Angeles, and Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

For more than 20 years, Patrician has applied the power of this discipline to the modern world. Through her private practice, she has studied thousands of faces and told their owners the most intricate and personal details of their minds, emotions, health, and spirit. Her workshops have helped many to discover their life’s passion, find their right partner, resolve conflicts, and much more.

Comments (26)
  • Ruby Odell

    Patrician – this was wonderful – well done, informative and laced with your fun sense of humor!
    I completely enjoyed it and have passed it on so that others can benefit.  What the world needs now is more understanding in all things, maybe most especially, people.  With understanding, compassion can come into expression.  It’s all good!!!

  • elliotm

    thoughtful, informed, intelligent, sensitive, understandable and practical!
    great presentation.
    can’t wait to hear more and see more of patrician’s presentations, books etc.

  • Lorraineweiss

    Fabulous! entertaining, insightful, concise and useful information. great down to earth presentation with humor and wisdom. can’t wait to see more!

  • LindaW

    Great presentation! I feel I have new insights into myself and others.

  • Kym Kleiman

      The presentation was both informative and interesting. 
     Patrician Mc Carthy is a true gift to us all. Thank you Patrician for your expertise and amazing contribution.   Kym Kleiman L.Ac.

  • Laraine

    ‘Who you are is what gets things done, makes things happen–know yourself!’  Patrician manages to make this science so entertaining and relevant, you walk out changed without having  done much except listen and enjoy!

  • Suzanne Corey

    Refreshing! That’s the word that comes to mind after watching the video. Thank you for the insight in myself and understanding others better. Looking forward to learning a lot more.

  • Michael Sungaila

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s a mistake to judge a person’s personality and motivations by the shape of their face?

  • Camille

    That was my initial reaction – and the more I learned, the more amazed I am and the more powerful her work is.   It is worth taking a second look! 

  • 99percenter

    I have no doubt it’s well intentioned. However, judging people’s character and motivation by their appearance is absurd and borders on racism.


  • Rcorey

    This is awesome!  I think having one more tool in my tool bag is always a good thing when dealing with people.

  • ElliottFryback

    I think this presentation was really cool; it put a science
    behind your own basic intuition. Everyone has some basic judgments of people
    based on facial features whether it’s conscious or not. Some have commented on
    the fact that it is wrong to take judgments from the simple appearance of a
    person, but it has been proven that certain genetic and hormonal differences
    can contribute to people’s facial features and behavior.  For instance it has been proven that men with
    wider faces are more prone to unethical behavior, possible because of high
    amount of testosterone in those individuals. 
    Granted we all know that judging people by a stereotype is one of worst
    actions we can take within an organization. I personally view this as a
    better way for as to understand the world around us and not a way to generalize others.

  • 亚伟 王

    I like passion !

  • 99percenter

    The problem is that you are not gaining a better understanding of the people around you. You are making assumptions on questionable information.

  • Carol Scott

    I absolutely love this, its like a feminine version of Wealth Dynamics.  As a therapist I know how much a persons face tells me, this has given me more insight into how I might use that knowledge. Thanks you so much.

  • Daniel Horton

    Patrician’s expert knowledge and innate wisdom are invaluable instruments when it comes to  helping people define and understand not only themselves, but also in understanding the people around us so that a better path of communication and dialogue can take place in order to effect positive change. 

  • Taohu928

    At least now I know what to say to curtain people, Hope it makes finding a job easier.
    Looks like nobody is looking for designers these days

  • soverytemporary

    She mentions that more prominent eyebrow bones are a result of higher levels of testosterone which would also have an effect on behavior. This is an example of how inner hormone levels which affect behavior would also affect the development of facial characteristics. I personally dislike the idea that behavior is per-determined but must admit that it is probably true in an at least partial capacity.

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  • Daman Bahner

    Makes me think of the fusiform gyrus stuff in Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”.  I’ve always felt like I was really good at this, even picked up the domain, LOL.

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  • Scott Free

    i have problems distinguishing between the wood,fire, and water .. i dont know which i am

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