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Aaron Dignan: How to Use Games to Excel at Life and Work

About this talk

Play is nature’s learning engine, says games researcher and author Aaron Dignan. In other words, we’re hardwired to enjoy games—they’re addictive, skill-building, and satisfying. So the question is: How can we integrate game concepts into our work lives to help us push ideas forward? In this talk, Dignan walks us through the principles of creating a great game and suggests ways that we might use them to overcome email exhaustion, spice up workaday meetings, and more.

Aaron Dignan, CEO, Undercurrent

Aaron Dignan dressed up like a superhero for 180 straight days of the first grade, which marked the beginning of his life as an iconoclast, observer, theorist, and performer. Now, as a founding partner of the digital strategy firm Undercurrent and based in New York, he advises global brands and complex organizations like GE, PepsiCo, Ford, and Estée Lauder on their future in an increasingly technophilic world. Aaron’s first book, Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success, was released in March, 2011.

Comments (17)
  • Mikiozen

    dude taking pics with his ipad2

  • Bonita

    lol! I’m still stuck on “people are bored”.. I’m fascinated that people are bored.. I mean, it makes sense, but I just cannot relate in any way.. 😛

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  • Ciaran Horrex

    Very good, hits the sweet spot at around 8 minutes – If there was a criticism it’s that an element of what’s being talked about in the talk itself isn’t used in the video, and the speaker seems to have a certain elitism in response to the game industry.

  • Aleš Kroutil

    I just think games are good example for the “wanting” activities.

  • Blair Rorani

    I like the idea of discovering the game within everyday activities like meetings and e-mail rather than just adding points and badges for boring stuff that isn’t a natural part of the activity already.

  • Excel Dashboards

    Real life isn’t always satisfying, but games are almost always are. So how can we take the principles that make Angry Birds so addictive and apply them towork?

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  • Toshpete2003

    nice i loved it………….

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  • bubbles

    this game is pretty awesome like game. it is very interesting games. i am loving puzzle game. thanks.


  • RapidSSL

    it’s really great strategy to enhance our life style to be dedicated and professional. Thanks for sharing video….!

  • William Newman

    Super really enjoyed Aaron’s presentation as SOS12 in Denver this week!

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    It is ideal to take a break and have fun after our work. Being workaholic is not good for our body system. We should find time to relax too. 

  • Jeroneorgo

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  • Fun Flash Games

    Yeah, that’s true. We should have time for enjoyment and games are one of the best way to relax and to have fun. Very nice presentation!

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    This video presents lovely information and it’s concern game suggests information being looks for really good. It through many important news are I have collection from here!

  • Rattvik

    Games are formalized expressions of play which allow people to go beyond immediate imagination and direct physical activity.

  • Wii Accessories

    Aaron’s presentation as SOS12 very impressed to me..

  • games for kids to play

    lol! I’m still stuck on “people are bored”.. I’m fascinated that people
    are bored.. I mean, it makes sense, but I just cannot relate in any
    way.. 😛

  • Brian

    I like this guy and i think he is a good speaker but his cursing makes him less than great. Come on man, you are better than that. You are a public speaker! Please stop cursing b/c its very distracting and makes me and hopefully others like you less.

  • Ruslan Khisamov

    чувак в очках и свитере – даже сука не смотрел данное ебланство

  • Chip London Boy

    nice i loved it………….

  • Me

    Good, very good presentation.

  • Kim Huang

    Excellent presentation

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