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Starlee Kine: Fear, Heartbreak, and Making It Happen Against All Odds

About this talk

In this entertaining talk, This American Life contributor and producer Starlee Kine shares her vision of our ideas as rambunctious little orphans that need to find a home. So how do we get them out into the world, and send them on their way? For Kine, the answer is persistence, collaboration, fear, and sheer force of will.

Starlee Kine, Radio Producer & Writer

Starlee Kine is a radio producer and writer. She is a regular contributor to the public radio show This American Life. Her dispatch on sad break-up songs won the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Gold Prize for best radio story. You can also hear her on the CBC show, Wiretap. Her writing has appeared in WIRED, Gourmet, and the New York Times Magazine. With The Thing Quarterly, she created a limited-edition cutting board, specifically meant to be used to chop up onions. She is finishing up her first book, It IS Your Fault, about her adventures in the self-help industry.

Comments (5)
  • Matt Sheils

    My metaphor is more about beavers. If they don’t use what they have been given (long sharp teeth) they will grow into their brains and eventually kill them. Use your creativity or lose your mind.

  • Npiecuch

    wish the video showed what is on the screen. i skipped a lot of this presentation due to this.

  • essay writing

    Thanks for the video

  • G-Unit

    Awesome video! Really relates to the Behance theme; adopt the orphan ideas!

  • empty kingdom

    BORING!  this presentations should have taken two minutes.  how lame.  The funny part is her self-indulgent presentation would not have been worthy of NPR.

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