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Scott Belsky: Is It Urgent, Or Is It Important?

About this talk

In this age of distraction, prioritization is a constant challenge. We could easily spend all day just reacting to incoming communications, without ever doing anything to move the needle on the “important stuff.” In this short video, Behance founder and CEO Scott Belsky discusses the need to distinguish between what’s urgent and what’s important.


Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer & EVP, Adobe Creative Cloud

Scott Belsky believes that the greatest breakthroughs across all industries are a result of creative people and teams that are especially productive. As the CEO and Founder of Behance, Scott has committed his professional life to helping organize creative individuals, teams, and networks. Prior to founding Behance, Scott helped grow the Pine Street Leadership Development Initiative at Goldman, Sachs & Co. He is the Chairman of the Board of Reboot and a Director for the Kaplan Foundation. Scott received his BA from Cornell University and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews and years of research, Scott Belsky shares the methods of exceptionally productive designers, entrepreneurs, and creative leaders in his national bestseller Making Ideas Happen.

Comments (5)
  • Patrick Nel

    The guy he is referring to in the beginning, Piers Fox… What is his blog called?


  • 99U

    Scott is referring to Piers Fawkes of

  • Patrick Nel

    Thank You!

  • 55 Hi's

    I think this concept of reactionary time management is becoming somewhat of an office epidemic. Jason Fried has some amazing views on this as well.

  • Neoengr68

    I enjoyed the excerpt of the speech, however I am left with the unfortunate feeling that I have heard this concept before, some seventeen years ago at Boeing. The punchline of that concept? Hear it from the mouth of the originator of the concept, Stephen Covey:

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