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Stefan Sagmeister: Don’t Take Creativity For Granted

About this talk

Renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister talks about the process behind his typography-driven films, which sprung from the insights in his book Things I’ve Learned in My Life So Far. Experiences include being misconstrued as a suicide “jumper” while shooting at the Empire State Building, creating custom software for an interactive spider web art installation, and imagining innovative uses for animals in his “happiness” documentary.

Stefan Sagmeister, Founder, Sagmeister, Inc.

Stefan Sagmeister formed the New York-based Sagmeister Inc. in 1993, and has since designed for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO, and the Guggenheim Museum. He has earned practically every important international design award.

In 2008, a comprehensive book titled Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far was published by Abrams. Solo shows on Sagmeister Inc’s work have been mounted in Zurich, Vienna, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Osaka, Prague, Cologne, Seoul, and Miami. He teaches in the graduate department of the School of Visual Art in New York and lectures extensively on all continents.

A native of Austria, he received his MFA from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and, as a Fulbright Scholar, a master’s degree from Pratt Institute in New York.

Comments (15)
  • graphic

    That spider web project is really interesting.

  • Theo

    It was very interesting to see Sagmeister speaking about his projects, thumbs up.

  • khaled

    oh, that it was very interesting to see Sagmeister for projects great

  • I Am Jpgman

    Nice video, I enjoyed watching every bit of it.

  • Mauricio

    Always enjoy getting in sight on his process

  • Buro - Barry

    Love typography

    Just curious, so spyder project software matic was around 6x40x100 = $24000

    really nice,

  • Marcel_pi

    I keep hearing about this guy, but somehow fail to see his genius..

  • SZ

    broken. not playing. some segments play, some not.

  • 3708

    this guy is boring, I watched like 5 videos with him and all he do is talking about that wise sentences and how he made those words creatively bla bla bla

  • bk

    awesome article







  • wildpeaks

    Nowadays, I would be curious to see how much further he could bring that spiderweb project as he’d have more inputs to play with if he used a Kinect camera (e.g. recognize postures, when several people are on screen or even gestures like grabbing the web in two places to stretch it).

  • Joe Nicklo

    I feel the same way. Some people hype him up so much but I think it’s just due to him doing work that “shocks” people. He’s more of an “artist” than a “designer” to me.

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