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Eve Blossom: Create Containers for Collaboration

About this talk

Architect-turned-social entrepreneur Eve Blossom created Lulan Artisans, a sustainable business that provides women and families in Southeast Asia with an economic alternative to participating in the sex trade. Extracting lessons from her nine-year journey, Eve urges us to be disruptive entrepreneurs, and to view our creative ventures as “cultures”–offering unique frameworks for collaboration–as  much as “companies.”

Eve Blossom, Founder & CEO, Lulan Artisans

Eve Blossom is the founder and CEO of Lulan Artisans, designers and producers of sustainable textiles that elegantly merge original contemporary designs with centuries-old weaving techniques. She works in partnership with more than 800 weavers, spinners, dyers, and finishers in small workshops in Cambodia, India, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Lulan works closely with these individuals, paying sustainable wages, growing local economies, and assisting in other social benefits–as well as opening up new markets for their products. Not only committed to environmentally responsible design, Eve is also intent on changing business methodologies to create economic options for artisans in Southeast Asia and the U.S.

  • boxheadd

    This was very inspiring. As a young student studying architecture I am very inspired to see that making fancy glass buildings isn’t the only pathway you can take.

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