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Cheryl Dorsey: Social Entrepreneurial Intelligence

About this talk

Echoing Green has awarded start-up capital to hugely successful nonprofit organizations such as Teach for America, City Year, and the Freelancer’s Union. In this talk, Echoing Green President Cheryl Dorsey outlines the traits and skills that have defined their most successful social entrepreneurs in a new behavioral model called SEQ, or “social entrepreneurial intelligence.”

Cheryl Dorsey, President of Echoing Green

About Cheryl Dorsey: An accomplished social entrepreneur with expertise in health care, labor issues, and public policy, Cheryl Dorsey was named President of Echoing Green in May 2002. She is the first Echoing Green Fellow to lead this global nonprofit, which has awarded more than $27 million in start-up capital to over 450 social entrepreneurs worldwide since 1987.
Comments (5)
  • Eric

    This is a great video in which Cheryl Dorsey goes over the key points in turning an idea into a reality. Simple yet effective. Wonderful video!

  • Timj5626

    finally some diversity on the 99%…keep it coming!

  • Saïd Martínez

    She hit solid consolidated points.

  • Angel Investor Network

    Social entrepreneur should keep in mind before they engage in social entrepreneurship. The first thing is to find a cause that is compatible with their business, meaning it should fit company’s products or services because otherwise it may be counterproductive.

  • KenjiSummers

    SEQ Social Entrepreneurial Intelligence by Cheryl Dorsey

    The 8 characteristics

    1. High level passion
    2. Asset based thinking
    3. Resource magnets
    4. Deep, unshakeable obligation to a cause
    5. Focused and ability to execute with alacrity (eagerness)
    6. Flexible plan
    7. Pressure tested iteration
    8. Solutions oriented

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