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Scott Belsky: What Are You Willing to Be Bad At?

About this talk

In our careers and in our work, we can only get a few things right, so we need to choose what we focus on purposefully. More importantly, we need to choose things that are different from our peers. This is our competitive advantage and it is what can propel us to success.

In this talk, Behance co-founder Scott Belsky shares how companies like Apple and Southwest Airlines use this strategy to ensure long term success. But finding your competitive advantage is only step one, the world changes quickly, and just as fast as you find your niche, you should be looking for another one.

Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer & EVP, Adobe Creative Cloud

Scott Belsky believes that the greatest breakthroughs across all industries are a result of creative people and teams that are especially productive. As such, he has committed his professional life to help organize creative individuals, teams, and networks. Belsky co-founded Behance in 2006, and served as CEO until 2012.

Belsky has become an advocate for technology and community initiatives that empower the careers of creative professionals and help businesses leverage the creative potential of their people. He has worked with leading media and Fortune 500 companies, including GE and Facebook, and has traveled around the world to share his findings. In 2010, Scott was included in Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” list.

Comments (10)
  • David McGuigan

    Video doesn’t work, just audio.

    • Scott Belsky

      should be fixed, but let us know if you still have difficulty

  • Peter

    Well… I have been reading Strategy of Blue Ocean…. Isn’t this conception from ther?

    • Scott Belsky

      yes, the comparative charting has been covered in a number of different strategy books as it applies to business strategy. it also works for personal careers in my opinion.

  • Zomick's

    After all… he is right

  • RichieOnix

    on the money

  • jonfreeze

    Excellent! I made my list.

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