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James Victore and Ben Barry: How to Build Your Own Career

About this talk

In a world where there is no more “traditional path” how to we take our career where we want it to go? In this interview with 99U Director Jocelyn Glei, artist James Victore and Ben Barry (formerly of Facebook) share the lessons learned from forging their own path—both outside and inside of a larger organization. One of the first misnomers? That you need to pay your dues. “That has fear in it,” says Victore, “If you have something you love, pursue it with all of your heart and the universe will help you.”

James Victore, Designer

James Victore runs an independent design studio hell-bent on world domination. He is an author, designer, filmmaker and firestarter. He continually strives to make work that is sexy, strong and memorable; work that toes the line between the sacred and the profane. His paintings of expressionist designs can be seen on ceramics, surfboards, billboards and supermodels.

Ben Barry, Designer

Raised in Texas near Austin, Ben is a freelance designer in Brooklyn, New York. Previously, he was a designer at Facebook in Menlo Park, California, and worked with Decoder Ring/Helms Workshop in Austin, Texas. He is also an alumni and advisor of Project M.


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