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Ramit Sethi: How to Charge What You’re Worth

About this talk

As creatives, we often believe that as our talents improve, our salary will increase. However, your skills alone will not necessarily lead to more income. To really maximize your talents, identify the psychological reasons why clients do or don’t decide to use your services.

In this insight-packed talk, best-selling author Ramit Sethi reveals how he went from practically begging his readers to pay for a $4.95 e-book, to charging thousands for online courses and consultation by putting himself in the shoes of his customers. Think of the unspoken concerns of your customers, he says, and master the language used by your clients. For example, people don’t want to “increase core strength” they want a six pack. By master the psychology of language and tapping into what your customers want, you can give them what they need and become indispensable.

Ramit Sethi, Founder, I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi is the author of the New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You to Be Rich and writes for over 450,000 monthly readers on his website, where he covers psychology, personal finance, and careers. Ramit’s unusual combination of psychology, analytical testing, and irreverent style led Fortune Magazine to call him the “new finance guru on the block.” Ramit appears on ABC and PBS regularly, and periodically writes for the New York Times. He studied social influence and persuasion at Stanford, and previously co-founded PBworks, a Silicon Valley collaboration startup.

Comments (3)
  • Mani

    Ramit, you kill it every single time. Thank you for providing such consistently clear, solid, and usable information. As soon as my credit card debt (from medical bills) is cleared, I’m in.

  • Prabu Rajasekaran

    There are several valuable nuggets in this talk. For me, the most important ones are: The Strategy of Preeminence and Making Your Clients Revere Your Work (which I think starts with self-respect).

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