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Allison Johnson: We Have Enough Companies Like Apple

About this talk

There are only a few people who have worked directly under Steve Jobs, and Allison Johnson is one of those people. The former head of marketing at Apple, Johnson oversaw the launch of the company’s hallmark products like the iPhone and its famous campaigns like “Mac vs. PC” and “There’s an app for that.”

In this interview with Behance’s Scott Belsky, Johnson shares stories from her time at Apple, emphasizes authenticity in business, and reveals how we can find a balance between launching a polished product (like Apple) versus shipping fast for feedback (like Google).

Allison Johnson, Founder, West

Allison Johnson is the founder of West, a new kind of strategy and creative accelerator based in San Francisco focused on introducing new companies, products and ideas to the world. Prior to West, she ran marketing at Apple for six-plus years reporting to Steve Jobs, where she was responsible for launching some of the most iconic products and campaigns of our time.

A self-professed revolutionary, she’s found herself at the center of some of the industry’s most historic turns including IBM’s embrace of the internet era with e-business, Netscape’s pivot from browser to enterprise software purveyor, HP’s reinvention under Carly Fiorina, and the launch of the iPhone and iPad.

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  • Hassen

  • Mitch

    I don’t like the idea of humans being the best performance possible. You can “preform” at your optimum level and still be the most miserable slug of a thing. I love these videos and I’m glad they elicit a strong response. I have no idea how to sell something without marketing or branding. It’s like, you’d probably be better off selling cheap tacos to the drunk kids on campus talking about starting a company than starting a tech-startup yourself. Some of the most successful agencies don’t actually make anything. I just see them advising. It’s like there’s more advisors today than advisees. What should will we do?

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