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The 99U Guide to The Healthy Creative

Taking a look at physical and mental health, joy, judgement, and imposter syndrome, here’s our guide to setting yourself up for sustainable success.

Jessica Hische: Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave

Achieving is great, but real accomplishment is taking the first step to start creating.

New Museum’s Ian Sullivan, on What His Son’s Brain Tumor Diagnosis Taught Him

New Museum's Ian Sullivan, on what his son’s brain tumor diagnosis taught him.

The 3 Psychological Reasons We Cling to Conventional Wisdom (and How to Break Free)

In our work, we simply can’t afford to make decisions when we feel helpless, nervous, or mindless, at least not if we hope to push beyond conventional thinking to be more creative. Three psychological barriers explain our tendency to cling to the general wisdom and favor absolutes, rather than act as we should: like investigators.

Ingrid Fetell Lee: Our Surroundings Have a Profound Influence On Our Well-Being

The author and IDEO Fellow is a purveyor of joy. Not just with her buoyant personality and quickdraw collection of delightful stories. 99U sat down with Fetell Lee to talk about the origins of her new book, how aesthetics impact our work performance, and how you’ve been thinking about your favorite color all wrong.

How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling

Approximately 70 percent of us will experience a period of self-doubt at least once in our lives. Rebuild your confidence using these five strategies.

Two Designers Start a No-Judgment Conversation about Mental Health, Creativity, and Work

Designers Dani Balenson and Indhira Rojas interviewed each other about redefining the language of mental health, growing into their illnesses and developing communities around their work.

HTML Flowers Makes Award-Winning Art in Spite of—and to Spite—His Lifelong Battle with Cystic Fibrosis

HTML Flowers makes award-winning art in spite of—and to spite—his lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis.

Ilya Milstein on Creative Stereotypes, Mental Health, and a Disciplined Studio Practice

The Brooklyn-based illustrator shares his path of professional self-discovery, the hard-won advice he gives to aspiring artists, and how to bring stability to the otherwise uncertain life of a freelancer.