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The 99U Guide to The Healthy Creative

Taking a look at physical and mental health, joy, judgement, and imposter syndrome, our guide will help set you up for sustainable success.

Loveis Wise: How Self-Work and Personal Memories Nourish Creativity

The illustrator with a distinctive, joyful style reflects on how they developed a creative philosophy of care. Their work is informed by nostalgia, resisting pressure to design like others, and the value of setting healthy boundaries.

Finding a Creative Spark Within Solitude

With nods to Olivia Laing and Edward Hopper, here's how solitude can turn us into keen observers and fuel creativity.

How to Be More Confident growing more comfortable with self-doubt. 

Advice for a Sustainable Desk-Bound Creative Career

Five tips to prevent injury and strain while creating work from cartoonist Kriota Willberg’s book, Draw Stronger.

How to Recover After Burnout

What to do when you feel as if you have no energy left.

Pause Before You Begin: How to Invest in Yourself

Stop and assess how you’re prioritizing these six areas of your life.

5 New Routines to Create Work From Home Boundaries

Veteran and new work-from-homers share self-care practices, rituals, and boundaries to make working remotely successful for creatives.

9 Ways Creatives Can Manage Anxiety 

Much like your creative practice, your response to stress and uncertainty is a work in progress. Rather than a quick fix, think of it as a discipline to hone. Here are concrete tips from by experts to ease your way to improvement.

How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling

Approximately 70 percent of us will experience a period of self-doubt at least once in our lives. Rebuild your confidence using these five strategies.

Navigating Grief When a Creative Role Model Passes Away

It may be confusing to feel a sense of loss after someone we've never met in real life passes on, but there's no one right way to approach grief.

A No-Judgment Conversation about Mental Health, Creativity, and Work with Two Designers

Designers Dani Balenson and Indhira Rojas spoke about redefining the language of mental health, growing into their illnesses, and developing communities around their work.

Ilya Milstein on Creative Stereotypes, Mental Health, and a Disciplined Studio Practice

The Brooklyn-based illustrator shares his path of professional self-discovery, the hard-won advice he gives to aspiring artists, and how to bring stability to the otherwise uncertain life of a freelancer.

On Creativity as a Refuge and Learning from Our Children

New Museum's Ian Sullivan and singer-songwriter Alexa Wilding on what their son’s brain tumor diagnosis taught them.

Jessica Hische: Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave

Achieving is great, but, as Jessica Hische has learned, real accomplishment is pushing through the initial fear in both life and work to actually start creating.

Ingrid Fetell Lee: Our Surroundings Have a Profound Influence On Our Well-Being

The author and IDEO Fellow is a purveyor of joy. In her new book 'Joyful,' author and IDEO Fellow Ingrid Fetell Lee embraces color, abundance and bubbles. And you should too.

Making Award-Winning Art in Spite of—and to Spite—A Lifelong Battle with Illness

Drawing from personal experience managing cystic fibrosis, illness is the subject that underpins all of HTML Flowers's visual and musical work.

Why We Cling to Conventional Wisdom (and How to Break Free)

Three psychological barriers explain our tendency to favor absolutes, rather than act as we should as creatives: like investigators.