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The 99U Guide
to Staying Motivated

Even the most prolific among us need to keep the juices flowing. Whether you’re feeling bored, bleary-eyed, or burned out, this guide is designed to get you pumped.

Debbie Millman: Anything Worthwhile Takes Time

Overnight success is rare. Debbie Millman, host of the podcast Design Matters, gets real about the incredible patience that good work requires.

Nobody’s Better Than You

Mike Sager has learned that comparison and competition are enemies of the artist. There is you. There is your art. At the elemental level, nothing else matters.

Design Army’s Pum Lefebure: Don’t Let Anything Stand in Your Way

Armed with a great portfolio and a sledgehammer, the Design Army founder (literally) knocks down barriers.

True Grit: How to Build Up Your Resilience

Getting good at something means maintaining your focus. Here are three ways to increase your ability to persevere.

What It Takes to Launch a Profitable Side Hustle

'We all think the life of an author is somewhat of a TV series -- we get a cottage by the sea, write, have a fish lunch in the afternoon, go back to writing. It doesn’t happen like that. '

Scott Belsky: How to Navigate the Messy Middle of a Creative Venture

99U Founder Scott Belsky shares lessons in entrepreneurship around the crucial, but overlooked, part of a creative endeavor.

Follow Your Passion Way Off the Beaten Track

For Scott Rinckenberger, professional skiing was great for awhile, but photography offered him a new creative stimulus.

It’s Not All About the Logo, and Other Lessons From the Studio Redesigning the NBA

Here's how a small design studio in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, overcame obstacles to become a leader in the NBA's rebranding.

Three Female Conflict Zone Photographers Discuss the Challenges of Front Line Work

Working in a conflict or disaster situation can be devastating. Here's what motivates these three photographers to keep going.

Burnout, Layoffs, and Fyre Fest: The Art of Bouncing Back from Failure

Picking up the pieces after a major career blow can be fraught with obstacles and self-doubt. We spoke to a handful of creatives about lessons learned and how they managed to come out on the other side after an apparent crash-and-burn moment.

Kyle T. Webster: Make Time for Boredom

We’ve lost the art of boredom, and the levels of creativity that it can nurture.

Dr. Vivienne Ming: Share Your Vision With the World

AI can match a lot of human capabilities, but not vision and purpose.

Looking for a Career Boost? What Creative Coaches Want You to Know

It’s common for athletes, executives, and opera stars to have performances coaches—people to set goals, benchmarks, tackle potential, and keep them in shape. But coaching has expanded beyond the C-Suite and the playing field to ambitious creatives at all levels of their careers.