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The 99U Guide to Staying Inspired

Whether you’re waiting for a eureka moment to strike or pushing past a plateau, here’s how to stoke the creative sparks that grow into your best ideas.

How to Turn a Creative Spark Into Something Real

The hunt and capture of inspiration requires patience, craftiness, and sometimes brute force. Here's how three creatives successfully manage the process.

10 Creators On When They Knew They Had to Make a Change in Their Careers

The realization that you need to shake things up can be a powerful force in shaping your career.

How to Turn Intuition into a Practical Tool to Boost Creativity

Exceptional work isn’t created by the answers others give us, but by the questions we ask ourselves. Here's how to get in touch with your intuitive powers.

How to Recover After Burnout

What to do when you feel as if you have no energy left.

Brainstorming as a Balancing Act

Creative ideas can emerge from the tension between stimulation and quiet, connectivity and isolation.

Wendy MacNaughton: Listen to Strangers

Inspiration is all around you. But first, as illustrator and graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton says, you need to get out of your own head.

Design Debate: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Inspiration?

Three designers face off on the pros and cons of constant inspiration. Ready, set, debate.

How to Get in Touch with Your Intuition

Getting better at listening to your instincts can have a major impact on your creativity.

A Look at How Gratitude Encourages Creativity and Innovation

Begin with these 5 steps to build a gratitude practice throughout the year, not just during the holidays.

Two Traits for Creative Success and How to Cultivate Them

A look at how career optimism and self-efficacy are key to successfully navigating a self-managed career.

How to Overcome Creative Obstacles

Advice from determined creatives on pushing past blocks and making a long-standing idea a reality.