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The 99U Guide to Speaking Up 

From conversation starters to public speaking to dealing with the office bully, here’s a primer for piping up.

Speaking the Right Language: How to Communicate to Creators and Sellers

If a designer is able to translate something like a creative brief into a business brief, that gives you a huge leg up.

The First Five Years: How Do I Network?

The most important thing about building a network of clients and collaborators is to be a good person first, and a good designer second.

The Social Networks of Emily Dickinson, Paul Gauguin, and Charlotte Bronte

Does the notion of the lone genius really hold true? Recent research shows that even famously reclusive creatives relied on collaborative networks.

10 Tips for an Awesome Coffee Meeting

Coffee meetings are the staple of building a great network. But first, know a few of the basics like don't be late, follow up, and always respect the other person's time.

Public Speaking is Terrifying—6 Ways to Deliver Like a Pro

The sweaty palms, the shaky voice—we know how you feel. Here's how to give a speech like you've done this all your life.

How To Build Connections When You’re Just Starting Out

Serial Entrepreneur Matt Galligan on how he went from small town Illinois to founding his third startup.

How to Promote Yourself Online When You’re a Total Introvert

The design world seems to favor those who develop a strong presence on social media. But what happens when you’re an introverted designer who shies away from self-promotion?