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The 99U Guide to Social Impact

Whether it’s designing for change, committing to an ethical framework, or leading with your whole self, check out how design can change the world for the better.

When Activists Use Art: A Masterclass in Messaging from Bonnie Siegler

Bonnie Siegler Talks Effective Protest Signs

What We Talk About When We Talk About Design Ethics

At a time of rapid change, it’s more important than ever for designers to consider their ethical responsibilities.

Meet the Founder of Bev, the Canned Rosé That’s Taking on a Male-Dominated Industry

Alix Peabody wants to shake up the male-dominated alcohol industry with a canned rosé called Bev.

How Can We Make Design Better for the Color-Blind?

Eight percent of all men and 0.5 percent of women experience some form of colorblindness. What can design do to help them?

Bullet Points, Visuals, and OXO Peelers: Three Experts Advocate for Inclusive Design

On World Interaction Design Day, designer Marie van Driessche, Smart Design technology director, John Anderson, and author Liz Fosslien shared their ideas on how to use design to make products, teams, and information accessible to everyone.

These UX Designers are Rethinking the Voter Ballot 

Two designers have set out to bring UX strategies to the myriad systems of local, state, and federal election offices.

John Maeda: How a Fall Opened a New Chapter of Identity and Inclusion

The design luminary and global head of computational design and inclusion at Automattic shares his journey to eye opening new perspectives.

Can UX Design Fix Digital Healthcare’s “Women’s Problem?”

The number of apps in the “healthcare for women” category has exploded, solving a slew of problems while creating a whole new set of tricky issues for UX designers.

VR, “The Ultimate Empathy Machine,” is Finally Making Strides Where it Counts

As enthusiasm for VR’s gaming capabilities wanes, its applications to the fields of mental health, rehabilitation, and community-building has only grown.

Rejane Dal Bello: Design to Give People a Voice

The Brazilian designer explores stories and design languages around disease and health.

Move Over, Canvas Totes: Reusable Straws Could Be the New ‘It’ Accessory

With plastic straws under attack, some entrepreneurs are making eco-friendly straws designed to be toted around.