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The 99U Guide to Money

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a full-time employee, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur: money skills matter. Learn the tips and tricks that can help you earn more and stress less.

Know Your Worth! A Guide To Setting Your Rates

Naming your professional price can be a daunting and confusing task. These strategies can help make it easier.

Bookkeeping 101: How Organized Freelancers Manage Their Finances

Overwhelmed by the idea of keeping detailed financial records for your business? You’re not alone. But developing a good bookkeeping system can help lower your tax bill and prepare you in the event of an audit. Here’s how other self-employed workers get it done.  

Career-Propelling Money Advice for Creatives

From negotiating a better rate to tracking payments, here are some timeless money tips for creatives.

Are You a Serial Under-Earner?

If you can't seem to get the kind of salary you want, perhaps it's time to look inward.

How Creatives Can Beat the Torturously Slow Payment Process

Waiting for payment isn't just a freelancer's dilemma: it impacts everyone in the creative food chain.

How to Pitch Investors on Your Business Idea

Veteran investor Tige Savage sheds light on what the investor community is looking for.

The First Five Years: Should I Try to Negotiate the Salary of My First Job?

A look at how to determine, and maximize, your first salary. 

Tax Tips for Freelance Creatives: Debunking Common Myths

We ask a few professionals to set the record straight on common tax myths that exist in the freelance world.

Taking a Day Job Doesn’t Have to Crush Your Soul

Four illustrators on how they take the money and run back to their own creative practice.

From Scrappy to Scale: A DIY CEO Explains Why Creatives Should Embrace Capitalism

Vince Kadlubek, founder of art collective Meow Wolf, weighs in on how creatives can balance business and craft.

Take a Break: 5 Ways Freelance Creatives Make Unpaid Time Off Work

If you work independently, your vacations must be planned with the same kind of purpose and attention to your budget as your work week.

Skin in the Game

As more design firms partner with startups and accept equity in exchange for their skills, it’s time for a closer look at the pitfalls and the payoffs.

Thaniya Keereepart: Shaping a Better Creative Economy

How creators, clients, and consumers alike can support a stronger marketplace.

How to Launch a Creative Project on Little to No Budget

Start by asking yourself: ‘What do I want from this?’

Freelancers: How to Negotiate Like a Pro

Talking about pay may be tricky, but it’s a necessary skill, particularly as more workers find themselves in the gig economy.

How to Budget for an Irregular Income

Creating a budget when your income fluctuates can be a frustrating experience. Here's how to make it work.

5 Real-Life Salary Negotiations (And What You Can Learn From Them)

While the skills of negotiating are often the same, the implementation of those skills differs from situation to situation.