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The 99U Guide to Leadership

Whether you’re a CEO or helm a tiny team, stepping up to a leadership role doesn’t have to be fraught with tension. Grow into an inspiring, effective leader with our guide. 

A World Class Mediator Shares 7 Ways to De-escalate Your Office Tension

Mediation offers plenty of tactics to help turn fraught deskside conversations into productive ones.

What Creative Visionaries Do That Most People Overlook

As a society, we adore creative visionaries. We follow them on social media, praise them in blog posts, and eagerly listen to them on podcasts. But we've misunderstood their magic: it's not that they're able to see the future, but that they're able to see the present while the rest of us are busy looking at the past.

Todd Yellin: Create a Culture of Iconoclasts

VP of Product for Netflix and self-proclaimed “enabler of iconoclasts”, Todd Yellin explains his unique approach to leadership.

9 Lessons for the First-Time Manager

What if the manager you always wish was in the room is … you?

Lyft’s VP of Design: 8 Principles on Scaling a Design Team

For Katie Dill, building a team is like mixing a great cocktail – it’s about finding the right balance of ingredients.

Talent Wins: Eight Key Ways to Put People First

While the constantly changing needs of the 21st century make talent one of the biggest sources of value at any company, most HR infrastructures are stuck in the 20th century. Here are a few ways to transform your company into a talent-first organization that manages its people as wisely as its financial capital.

Tea Uglow: How to Lead When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Google Creative Lab’s Tea Uglow explains why her success as a leader is rooted not in what she knows, but in what she doesn’t know.

The Most Important Skill for Great Leaders? Trustworthiness.

It doesn’t matter how competent you are as a leader, you won’t get very far if your team doesn’t trust you.

Aaron Dignan: Being a Leader Means Giving Up Control

The author and entrepreneur says too many companies are clinging to Stone Age ideas about what it means to lead.

From Checking Your Ego to Making Meetings Less Scary for Introverts: 99U’s 10 Best Ideas for Leaders

Being a leader doesn't mean you're on your own. From how to hire more authentic people to how to host more inclusive meetings, we've rounded up a few nuggets of wisdom to help you forge ahead.

Tina Roth Eisenberg: Leading with Joy

CEO of CreativeMornings, Tattly, and Creative Guild, Tina Roth Eisenberg prioritizes joy, generosity, and confetti. In this inspiring talk, Eisenberg explains how she’s building a workplace her employees are excited to go to every day.