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The 99U Guide to Client Work

Master how to navigate working with clients, whether a one-off job or an ongoing engagement.

Firing Your Most Lucrative Client, and Eight Other Crazy Career Changes That Were Ultimately Great Moves

Our favorite designers and illustrators to walk us through a time when they altered their course.

How Do You Find Clients? Designers Share Their Best Advice

How do individual designers and firms get their work seen and, more importantly, commissioned, at a time when freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr and 99Designs have thousands of designers competing for work? We reached out a handful of entrepreneurial designers to learn how they snag clients.

4 Rules for Getting Better Client Feedback

The first thing you should make clear: "Make it pop" won't fly.

Weighing the Risk: Pitching an Idea Before You’ve Nailed Down the Details

What happens when you're asked to deliver on an idea that's only half-formed?

How Creatives Can Beat the Torturously Slow Payment Process

Waiting for payment isn't just a freelancer's dilemma: it impacts everyone in the creative food chain.

Watch Out for These Phrases Designed to Trap Freelancers

The jargon, manipulation, bad intentions, good intentions but bad behavior, and downright BS that should make creatives run the other way.

Freelancers: Stop Feeling Guilty For Not Working!

It’s easier said than done, we know. But being self-employed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some downtime. Here’s how to reframe the idea of “time off” to find balance.