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Big Ideas

13 Desktop Wallpapers To Kickstart Your Creativity

Bite-size wisdom from Jonathan Adler, Alexis Ohanian, Paula Scher, Tony Fadell, and more.

One of the first things people notice about our offices here at Behance are the giant, motivational quotes up on the walls. Ranging from Picasso to Charles Mingus, they serve as a daily reminder of our ethos of making ideas happen.We decided it would be nice to share the love. Below find 13 desktop wallpapers to get you fired up to take action on your ideas. Each nugget of wisdom comes from a past 99U speaker.

(Speaking of, did we mention tickets for our 2013 99U Conference are on sale now?)


“It’s through mistakes that you actually grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” -Paula Scher

[Download image]



“There is no such thing as finishing or failing, it’s all about doing.” -Rilla Alexander

[Download image]



“Track your small wins to motivate big accomplishments.” -Teresa Amabile

[Download image]



“Every team member who brings intelligence, experience and passion to their creations should be called an artist or designer.” -Tony Fadell

[Download image]




“Focus on the excitement and it will lead you through the obstacles.” -Piya Sorcar

[Download image]



“It’s not about the amount of wealth you can accumulate, it’s about the impact and change you can create.” -Neil Blumenthal

[Download image]




“Everyone gets stuck in the process of creating. It’s the great among us who religiously practice getting unstuck.” -Keith Yamashita

[Download image]




“Don’t hesitate in taking risks and testing out an idea that you’re passionate about.” -Jennifer Hyman

[Download image]




“To execute a vision, good or bad, you’ve got to tune out the noise.” -Jonathan Adler

[Download image]



“Continue to reinvent. Keep things moving and changing and growing and always a little bit out of reach.” -Jad Abumrad

[Download image]



“You don’t need anyone else’s permission to create. Greenlight yourself and get to work.” -Charlie Todd

[Download image]




“Start.” -Alexis Ohanian

[Download image]



“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

[Download image]

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Comments (33)
  • @jesusriles22

    nice quotes & nice wallpapers, i downloaded almost all.

  • VasDeRam

    amazing. You guys missed out the Download all button! Looking forward to another batch in the future

  • Tushar K Motwani

    Thanks a ton for making this available to us. This will definitely act as a motivator boost for every project.

  • Luiz Roberto

    Thanks for sharing =)

  • Anton Wwchdo

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Ceci

    Long ago I saw a video with these quotes
    Does anybody where can I find it?

  • Sean Blanda

    You may be thinking of our motion graphic video:

    Alternatively, most of these speakers have videos in our “videos’ section:

  • Qeen (시이킨)

    very inspiring quotes to kickstart my week… thank you 🙂 & I share it to my twitter follower.. :

  • Sunder Singh

    Nice and very inspirational quotes…Thanks for sharing

  • James Lawther

    Thank you for the post, a couple more of my favourites for your next batch of posters

    If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate ~ Thomas Watson
    Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection ~ Mark Twain
    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take ~ Wayne Gretzky


    I love the variety yet consistency of these. They’ll all be on rotation on my desktop. Thanks 99U!

  • Lorraine

    There should be a “download all” button! 😉

  • Crystal Matthew

    My new screen saver, thanks guys!
    “Lets make better mistakes tomorrow.”
    – Mike Monteiro

  • Christopher Battles


    K, bye

  • James Thomas Canali

    great stuff! intense!

  • Christian Sisson

    Hey, can someone please tell me which font is used on the first poster? “It’snot about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”. It’s just perfect for a project I’m developing bit I couldn’t recognize it. Thanks!!

  • Sean Blanda

    The font is “forza.”

  • Christian Sisson

    Thank you Sean!!!!! 🙂

  • Kiran

    I love the Typoghrapy…Nice and very inspirational…Thanks for sharing
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  • nitinpal

    Beautiful high resolution wallpaper backgrounds images, free hd wallpapers. Easy to download high definition on the HD imagedirectoryTheHDWallpaper.c…. Free desktop pictures and images for your desktop or laptop.

  • Bobbie Mosher

    You did not make a mistake but instead an opportunity to expand your creativity.

  • desktop wallpapers

    Wonderful stuff!!But i need more Creativity in your wallpapers..So please improve your design!!

  • SarrahWhite70

    These are really amazing, most probably youngsters are searching for creative and innovative wallpapers to make their desktop and laptop screen more visible. Basically they used to adopt vintage wallpapers but text wallpapers with having popular quotes.

  • Shan Rose

    Cool Collection of wallpapers it is very cool looking

    Child Painting WallPapers

    • vbvn


  • thomasbell867

    These are really wonderful! Basically we used to get wallpapers from different source such as from various websites and downloading links; here in the above collection we get more and more ambitious wallpapers especially for our desktop screen.

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