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99U Music Mix – Work at a Different Speed

Ready to take a break from the breakneck pace? Ambient and immersive, our latest 99% music mix will downshift your brain for productive focus.

When it’s time to focus on your creative labors, you don’t want to feel rushed. Wordless, immersive, and ambient, this latest 99U music mix  – Work at a Different Speed – is about as un-hurried as you can get. Lilting electronic pulses, abstract synth tones, and acoustic solo instruments downshift your brain for productive focus.

“Work at a Different Speed Mix”

  1. Eliane Radigue – “Adnos III” [0.00]
  2. Organisation (Kraftwerk) – “Tone Float” [3:40]
  3. Brian Eno – “Thursday Afternoon” [7:22]
  4. Triola – “In Lourdes” [14:35]
  5. Steve Gunn – “Lansdowne Shuffle” [19:42]
  6. Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Modena” [23:54]
  7. The Necks – “Mosquito” [39:01]
  8. Luc Ferrari – Éphémère II “Lyon 75” [42:55]
Total runtime: 50:22
*We have assembled the available Spotify tracks (sadly, not so many) here.

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Comments (24)
  • Chris Hulbert

    Thanks a lot for making it downloadable! That makes all the difference…

  • Custom essay

    to be honest…..this original music …. I would say that it is even for an amateurresearch papers for sale

  • Chris Lovos

    This is awesome. Perfect next to listen to on a wet day.

  • Matt Artist

    You did a different mix here. Well done!

  • paper writing

    Awesome post really nice!

  • Adriana Ivanova

    thanks a bunch, this is really awesome! 

  • Todd Anderson

    This is great, I saw The Necks in concert a couple of weeks ago, and actually got a lot of writing done in the audience. Such good productivity music.

  • essay writing service

    Really nice music! Love listening this while walking!

  • Gp

    nice “citation” of Radiohead’s Kid A from minute 15.00 onwards

  • Amanda Scheerschmidt

    I used the artists and set up a Pandora Station. I should have done that from my iTunes ambient radio station…

  • Dilk Barber

    How about Megadeth?

  • Rebekah

    Enya on Pandora is what I’ve started listening to. Cheesy, yes. But it works. Especially while writing.

  • Magdalena Karolina

    wow, at first I thought that’s a bit boring, but when it kicks in things just click, click and click… thanks 🙂

  • Speak 108

    how come this doesn’t show up on my ipod?

  • shanesunny

    Thanks for sharing this, interesting and
    amazing. I love to read about

  • shemales videos tube

    very nice. Good job

  • Vasiliy Rybak

    try also biosphere and their album called “shenzou”

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    Many of us really loves to listen in music. For some, it complete their days. We can enjoy already to listen in our favorite songs today with the use of internet. 

  • Inbound Marking

    Very fun, having different kinds of mix can make my body move. Well done, I really love to listen this everyday. 

  • Cricandcric

    Great Post..Thanks for Sharing

  • Cricandcric

    Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through.

  • kelsey

    This mix got me through my senior year of college- dean’s list. Thank you! 

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