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99U Music Mix – Destination: Elsewhere

Need to get away while you're still at your desk? Try our latest music mix – optimized to help you ignore distractions and drop into the creative zone.

Like most creative people, I am easily distracted. When I get ready to plunge into a new project at the Self-Titled office, I need some music to transport me elsewhere. A mix that will subtly envelope and energize me without consuming my full attention.
For this 99U mix – “Destination: Elsewhere” – I picked some of my favorite chamomiled compositions, songs that soothe the brain into running free and experimenting. Four Tet and Boards of Canada are certainly creative standards, and no artistic soul should be without The Album Leaf or Ulrich Schnauss. So, take a deep breath, press play, and go Elsewhere. Chances are I’ll see you there.

“Destination: Elsewhere Mix”

  1. The Album Leaf – “Twenty Two Fourteen” [0:00]
  2. Catacombkid – “Snowed In” [5:27]
  3. Baths – “♥” [8:11]
  4. The Alps – “Into The Breeze” [11:27]
  5. Belle & Sebastian – “Nightwalk” [15:30]
  6. Clogs – “I Used To Do” [17:33]
  7. Four Tet – “Slow Jam” [22:02]
  8. Boards of Canada – “Music Is Math” [27:16]
  9. DJ Shadow – “Fixed Income” [32:30]
  10. Ulrich Schnauss – “Wherever You Are” [37:18]
  11. Röyksopp – “Triumphant” [43:51]
  12. Brian Eno – “Emerald and Stone” [48:10]
  13. Caribou – “Bowls” [50:11]
  14. Ratatat – “Alps” [56:29]
Total runtime: [60:55]

*The iTunes mix does not include “Snowed In” by Catacombkid.

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Comments (1)
  • Mr. Blonde

    Does ambient music, or any music with no words – like maybe classical, do a better job at maintaining focus than music with singing? For me it does.

  • lcartwright

    I can see where this would help focus. Wish I could use it, but I’m a musician, so I’m always working with music. Thanks for introducing me to some new music, though.

  • Mcbrydeb

    Love this–thank for the trip to Elsewhere:)

  • bukolae

    I’m on the third song now. I’m truly enjoying mix. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Chris Stewart

    Wow that’s really, really good! I tried playing it and listening intensely, like I would any other new song, and didn’t hear anything spectacular. I switched tabs and started to work, 30 minutes later and I’m hooked. Thanks!

  • Jeff Hendrickson

    Great mix guys. Digging it while I research Semantic web stuff.

  • Jeff Hendrickson

    Sorry, can’t figure out how to delete this dup. But still lovin the mix!

  • Hilary Abel

    So… really needed to buckle down this am and get something i was dreading done. Thanks to this mix – it is now off my to-do list. Amazing!

  • Parin Patel

    Wow! I love this! This is perfect music when working on your craft.

    I tried downloading it from iTunes, but it looks like this mix is “not available in the Canadian store”?? Any other way I can get access to this?

  • 99U

    Glad you liked! Since we’re US-based, we can only upload to US store, unfortunately. But I would imagine you can just purchase all the tracks individually from iTunes Canada and shuffle them into order.

  • Richard de Ruijter

    I’ve discovered Ulrich Snauss just last week… the song “Suddenly all the trees are giving way” is AMAZING! I highly recommend it to all you guys!

  • Richard de Ruijter

    For me too, Sigur Rós – Takk is the first (and one of the best!) albums that got me into working with ambient music!

  • Andrew H.

    Thanks for this! I love it!

  • Joy Hart

    You had me at The Album Leaf.

    Happy weekend~

  • Parin Patel

    Dang … True, true. I could get all the tracks and shuffle them myself. I’ll just have to that then … Thanks again!

  • Kent @ HR Uncovered

    Excellent playlist. Remarkably close to my own, but there are a few here that I am excited to check out.

    If you are not familiar with Kiln, I think they would fit in perfectly here.


  • Kent @ HR Uncovered

    Okay, scrap the last comment. I just saw Kiln was on your Spring Music mix!

  • Alfredo Gil

    I love this mix! This is something I’ve been needing for quite some time, in addition to new music. Thank you

  • Clafina

    always grateful for smart and inspiring playlists. thank you.

  • JMass

    Remember discovering Hillman Curtis and 22 14 at the same time.

  • scott88

    This album has left me mesmerized…wonderful collection. Calming, soothing, and – in some obscure way – thought-provoking.

  • Snuffleupagus

    Is this down?

  • Christopher Pineda

    Hi guys,

    Love this mix! Can’t tell you how many hours of work I’ve gotten through on it. Wanted to let you that you have been mentioned in a new series I write in Montreal, QC for a publication about technology and startups called NextMontreal. We just published this playlist in a round up of top links for the week:

    Thanks for the music,

  • Dxu

    love this mix!

  • ||trash-collector||

    I haven’t hear it, and I’m already in love with it! O.O 

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