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Personal Growth

The Creative Self Workbook

Coach Tina Essmaker's interactive workbook provides five days of exercises to tap into your voice, purpose, community, and deepen your creative practice.

In this workbook, written by creative coach and 99U columnist Tina Essmaker, we invite you to make space for personal exploration and discovery. Through five exercises, you’ll be able to either kickstart a practice or dig deeper into your creative exploration. You’ll also find books, talks, and podcasts organized around each exercise so you can dig deeper into any topic that interests you.

The Creative Self Workbook presents five days of exercises:


  • Discover Your Voice
  • Define Your Purpose
  • Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Connect to People and Places
  • Cultivate a Practice


We encourage you to set aside 15-30 minutes of quiet, solo time each day. You can start the workbook right in your browser (or download a copy), courtesy of our friends at Adobe Document Cloud. You may also want to grab a sketchbook or notebook to free write or draw while working through the exercises.

Most of all, be open to where this takes you. And if you’re willing, we’d love for you to share your process and conclusions with us on Twitter or Instagram


Get the workbook

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