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Wake Up, Execute & Make Ideas Happen in 2010

It’s time to shed dreamy notions and stale resolutions, and wake up to the necessity of execution.

We’re a few weeks into 2010 now, and it’s that special time when New Year’s resolutions – like so many new ideas – start to lose their footing, dying off for lack of time, energy, or focus. Reality starts to set in. But rather than slip into a winter stupor of more of the same, we invite you to commit with us to making this a year of execution.It’s no coincidence that “execute” has a double meaning, indicating both “to carry out fully” and “to put to death.”

Truly making your ideas happen requires equal parts creation and elimination. In order to execute on the ideas that you are most passionate about, you must also be bold enough to kill off the new ideas that will inevitably crop up, singing like sirens to lure you away from your true destination.

It’s time to toss away dreamy notions of creativity, and wake up to the necessity of execution. As the artist Chuck Close says, “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

In an effort to keep your creative powers primed in 2010, we’ve got a lot planned here at 99U and Behance as a whole. Here’s a sneak peek at the year ahead:

1. Making Ideas Happen – The Book

After much hard work and none too few all-nighters, founder Scott Belsky has distilled 6+ years of research into the habits and working styles of exceptionally productive creatives into Behance’s very first book,

Making Ideas Happen, coming out this April.

The book delivers pragmatic tips for making your ideas a reality as well as insightful and illustrative interviews with companies like Google, IDEO, and Disney, and individuals such as The Long Tail author Chris Anderson, Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh, and Freelancerʼs Union founder Sara Horowitz. As a one-stop (and portable) solution for feeding your 99U, you can’t do better. Pre-order it here.

2. New Product Developments from Behance

Behance’s mission to organize the creative world will further materialize in 2010. We’re eagerly anticipating the launch of the next generation of, the leading online platform for creative professionals to showcase their work and get found. The Action Method Online and the coveted Action Method paper product line will also be enhanced in the coming year.

And that’s just the beginning of the exciting items we have in the pipeline to help organize and empower the creative world

3. The 99U Conference – April 15-16, 2010

After a warm reception for our annual kick-in-the-pants conference last year, the 99U Conference will return again this spring. We’re assembling a crack lineup of visionary creatives to speak on Day One, as well as a more hands-on Day Two experience, featuring loads of workshops and more opportunities to network with fellow conference attendees. (And yes, another killer conference afterparty.)

Thanks to some very supportive early birds, the conference is already 50% sold out, so we suggest taking action soon. If you’re waiting on details, we’ll be making a major speaker announcement later this month. Sign up for our newsletter (in the right sidebar) to get updates.

4. More Great Insights into the 99U

Just a snapshot of our upcoming editorial here on 99U includes interviews and articles featuring Alexandra Wilson of Gilt Groupe, bestselling author Seth Godin, and Creative Capital president Ruby Lerner. We’ve also got tips forthcoming on fighting apathy in creative teams, the pitfalls of perfectionism, the benefits of public speaking, the impact of the internet on our well-being, and ways to keep your email etiquette on point.

You have an amazing year ahead of you – one that is full of opportunity. We’re thrilled to accompany you in your creative pursuits. Through Behance and 99U, we will do our best to provide the insights, accountability, and tools you need to make ideas happen in 2010.

Let’s stop hitting the snooze button on our ideas. As the French polymath Paul Valery once said, “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

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Scott Belsky is the Chief Product Officer at Adobe and is the co-founder of 99U and Behance. He has been called one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, and is the author of The Messy Middle and the bestselling book, Making Ideas Happen.

Comments (3)
  • Marvin Warren

    Finally a commitement to have work in the real world. The artist are ready for a New Year!

  • Alex

    Great article. I think its important for people to “pull the trigger” so to speak on their entrepreneurial ideas– if you don’t have the guts to try it, it won’t ever happen! On that note, I work for a digital media firm, and we specialize in building and designing websites as well as internet marketing (SEO, etc) to build online business presence. Our company,, started out as an entrepreneurial business in 2005 and has grown significantly since then. We are aged-entrepreneurs (not in years, in experience,) that work to help other new entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Our team has a deep understanding of the importance of user interface web design practices; we work closely with clients and perfect sites based on target audience feedback. Our designs are really awesome, too. If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch your business in 2010, check out our site and give us a shout!

  • mary

    Wake Up And Make It Happen.

    Another great book to read is Wake Up And Make It Happen. It’s different but will be a book you want to keep.

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