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Branding & Marketing

Checkpoints: Self-Presentation

We are inclined to believe that our work and talent should speak for themselves. But it turns out self-presentation is a key factor for successful creatives.

Self-presentation is based on the following premise: Your ability to succeed in your interests is dependent upon the extent to which you demonstrate your qualifications, your initiative, and your likelihood to succeed.

Many individuals and companies honestly believe that their work and talents are strong enough to stand alone without any sort of canvas or easel. Yet, more often than not, those successful from employing this particular strategy benefit from other factors as well — “luck” may be one, “partiality” may be another. While accounting for all these factors in the measurement of a project’s success is important, relying on them isn’t necessarily a guarantee for a positive outcome.

In essence, your productivity as a creative professional requires that you create an advertisement of you. Not a literal advertisement, but rather a concise message, a repetition of your goals, and a collective display of all you have accomplished and learned in the pursuit of your passion.

Whether it is your virtual or physical portfolio, day-to-day correspondence, or your actual physical appearance, constant effort is a necessity; this may be as simple as running a spell-check or making sure you’re wearing clean socks or as complex as redesigning your entire website. For some, these things may come more naturally than for others — in theory, writers should be able to edit, and designers able to create portfolios — but all too often the adage “a dentist’s children have the worst teeth” rings true.

You are your own PR agent, and you must manage the opportunities and risks throughout every interaction, communication, career move, and decision.

Being busy — although a good place to be in — isn’t an excuse to neglect something that actually enables you to sustain that level of activity. Spend some time on the packaging your product arrives in. You owe it not only to your clients, but to your work and most importantly, to yourself.

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    It is true that the success of your presentation is dependent on you. You have to be ready. A need to focus and to be determined would really be a plus. 

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