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Malota: Development of Ideas

Mar Hernandez, aka wunderkind illustrator "Malota," delves into how collaboration pushes you and the vital connection between neatness and focus.

Malota is Mar Hernandez, born in Jaén, Spain in 1980. Although her early years took place in Yecla, a small town in the north, Mar relocated to Valencia in the late nineties to enroll at the University of Fine Arts of San Carlos. Today, Mar works as an illustrator and freelance designer for diverse clients; her unique style has caught the attention of  various international publications and networks such as MTV. Behance caught up with Mar to discuss the process behind her business venture, as well as its organizational and collaborative aspects.

Mar’s ideas for her projects arise from constant personal brainstorming. “My mind is always thinking, through the hours… most of the time it’s all nonsense, absurd or just plain uninteresting… but once in a while, amidst the maelstrom, something happens. Then I start to work on that spark and develop the idea, documenting all the steps, brainstorming different alternatives, possible changes, etc. Good ideas may surface suddenly, but I take the time to keep pursuing them until I can shape them into a concrete product.”The twenty-seven year old entrepreneur sees organization as key to her efficiency: “I try to organize myself as much as possible; I dedicate plenty of time to elaborating to-do lists and straightening my workspace.  If things are cluttered and messy, even when there’s a lot of work to be done, I ‘waste’ a few minutes tidying up my desk, putting pencils where they belong. In the long run, it helps me perform.”

In my own experience, the times I’ve worked with other people, I’ve always ended up demanding more of myself than when I work alone.

Like many other young professionals, Mar sees the pressures behind collaborating with others — both for herself and her co-conspirators. “As long as all parties involved are dedicated, collaborations are always fruitful. In my own experience, the times I’ve worked with other people, I’ve always ended up demanding more of myself than when I work alone.” However, she also recognizes the advantages of cross-pollination, and how much a varied point of view can bring to the table. “When we work with other people, we discover different ways to do things that may be as, or more, valid than the ones we use by ourselves.”

Taking time for herself is key to both her personal and creative fulfillment. “Without a doubt, my mission is… to be happy. And to achieve this, I do things that I enjoy, like drawing, painting, photography or creating my felt characters. It’s that simple. I wish I could always work within the creative realm. I would like to generate even more ideas, shape them and, after a while, feel proud of what I’ve created.”

Contributing Writer, Florencia Varela, assisted in translation and drafting of this article.
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  • stefanlucut

    I love this guy and his original style.

  • ph7labs

    sooo goood<br />

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