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Big Ideas

Unique Is Opportune

Ultimately, success is a result of differentiation and emphasizing your unique value.

Ultimately, success is a result of differentiation and emphasizing your unique value. While conformity lubricates the gears of society, the world is pushed forward by contrarians.

The advancements we know and love – new technology, medical breakthroughs, artistic achievements – are made by passionate people with bold and often unpopular ideas. These creative geniuses also had the guts to endure unchartered territory. Strange that so many people preach a “traditional path to success.” After all, the catalyst for making a meaningful impact is doing something different.

Society is a bit hypocritical.  We shun college drop-outs and “wayward creatives” with skepticism.  Yet we celebrate the successes of the emerging artists, bold entrepreneurs, and trailblazing musicians that enrich every aspect of our lives. Society celebrates what society shuns?

All too often, we consider creative successes as one-offs rather then the logical outcome of doing something different and taking enough initiative to make it happen. What one views as a tremendous risk may appear to others as an obvious and compelling opportunity. A passionate person that is willing to challenge a conventional approach will, in fact, stake claim in unchartered territory. Whether or not this advancement becomes something meaningful and significant is dependent on leadership and hard work. Totally doable.

Gain confidence from the unexpected path. Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means.

This tip was written by Scott Belsky, Behance Team. Explore more tips, and check out Behance’s guest postings for small businesses trying to make ideas happen, hosted at American Express’ OpenForum.
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  • marbel

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  • Simona Goldin

    This such a valid point, thank you! This also relates to a very strategic business concept of niche-marketing, or sub-niche marketing rather. Being the first to categorize a certain product or service not only puts profit making on auto-repeat, but allows you to establish yourself and transition with ease into any other branches of the niche.

  • Online Business Ideas

    You have a point friend being unique is really a king when it comes to business. I really do hope that I can also think of a unique idea because I love to have my own business and make it very successful.

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