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Big Ideas

Essential Objects: Tools That Make You Want to Work (Even on a Monday)

We're halfway through 2015. It's the perfect time to refresh some of your gear.

Like a brand new pair of running shoes gets you excited to go the gym, the best office supplies get you excited to get back to work—even on a Monday. We rounded up 10 of the objects that keep us whistling on our way to work every day of the week.

Outdoor Voices Tote

We’re all about making things happen, and this durable, recycled Baggu canvas tote couldn’t be a better helper. Outdoor Voices says their motto is “Doing things is better than not doing things,” which makes us feel like they just get us.


Bin Bin Wastepaper Basket

Sometimes it’s just better to scrap it and move on. This clever, and surprisingly sturdy, garbage bin by Canoe looks exactly like the failed memoirs and broken dreams we’ll be throwing into it.


Mogolo Laptop Lid

This foldable keyboard cover slips over your screen to prevent any spills or accidental key-presses. Though technically called the “Kid Lid,” it’s perfect for extra temporary desk space while traveling or to protect from crumbs while catching up on the latest season of Game of Thrones (for the night is dark and full of snacking).


HAY Pivot Table

Sometimes you have to make the most of what little office space you have. This HAY corner shelf gets creative for you, with a multitude of arrangement (and color) choices that fit around, or into, your often-ignored corner space.


Closed Weekends Laptop Case

Protect your personal life, and your laptop, with Annie Blue Ribbon General Store’s 15” laptop case. The heavy padding keeps your Macbook safe, while also acting as a barrier between you and your overflowing inbox.


Nordic Appeal Wall Desk

All of the benefits of a standing desk with none of the commitment. The Wall Desk works by locking the molded oak (or walnut) base into solid wood knobs attached to a wall, but it can also be detached to become a laptop stand when you’re ready to sit down.


SYPartners Superpower Cards

What’s your superpower? The Superpower Cards help you to identify your core strengths, while also learning how your teammate’s superpowers can activate (or deplete) them. Together, you can be your very own Justice League (but with way more coffee breaks).


The Bike Shelf

You visit it every day, you oil it, replace the tubes, true the wheels—so why shouldn’t your bike be considered a work of art? Perfect for apartments and offices, the Bike Shelf turns storage into display for both your bike and its accessories.


Sanitizing Phone Charger

We spend 552 hours a year with our hands on our phones, but only five percent of us wash our hands well enough to kill bacteria after using the bathroom. You do the math. The Phone Soap Charger uses UV light to kill all of the bacteria on your smartphone while charging it simultaneously.


Aquaponics Fish + Plants Tank

The best office plants and pets (and to-do list items) are those that take care of themselves. With the Water Garden, all you have to do is feed the fish and the closed-loop ecosystem will take care of the rest! (Plus it’s perfect for your office desk, as less sunlight means less algae-build up.)


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Sasha is the Associate Editor of 99U. You can watch her tweet here.

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