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Essential Objects: For Those Ready to Spring Ahead

For those who have spent their winter dreaming and planning for Spring, we rounded up 10 essential objects to launch yourself out of hibernation.

As February ends, cabin fever has begun to set in hard around the office. For those who have spent their winter dreaming and planning for Spring, we rounded up 10 essential objects to launch yourself out of hibernation.



Withings Activité Pop ($149)

Finally, a fitness tracker that doesn’t look like a futuristic prison armband. We’d wear this just for the watch, but the accompanying fitness app comes fully stocked with data analytics, ranging from distance covered to calories burned. Did we mention you’ll also never have to charge it? 


Sand Timers ($7 – 16)

Dear Pomodoro addicts, this is an intervention. Your kitchen timer or iPhone alarm is scaring everyone in the office, every 30 minutes. Swap ‘em out for these sophisticated, glass timers and your officemates will thank you.


PopSLATE Smartphone Case ($129)

PopSLATE uses an e-ink screen to display a screenshot or photo from your library directly onto the case itself. Great for viewing your boarding pass or daily schedule without wasting any battery life by constantly checking your phone.


For the caffeine junkies who are never without a coffee cup in hand, the rubber-dipped handle on Recreation Center’s handmade Dot Mug ensures a steady grip for when the caffeine shakes get a little too real.


Lululemon the Mat ($68)

Our 2015 resolutions included practicing more yoga in the office. Since then, this is the best mat we’ve found by far. It doesn’t slide around at all, and even grips better the sweatier you are.


Luis Organizer (245€)

This giant wall organizer makes boring office supplies look like part of a modern, abstract oil painting. It’s certainly not cheap, but your blank walls will never feel fancier, and the organizer does ship internationally. 


Ampy Portable Charger ($95)

Ampy is a smartphone battery that charges using your physical motion. Bring it on your run or throw it in your bag for your walk; a typical day of activity gives you three extra hours of battery life.


Satechi Portable Humidifier ($29)

The office has two seasons: heater vents and air conditioning. To beat the dryness, all you need to create an instant humidifier is purified water, a USB port, and this little guy. It’s perfect for travel and comes in two sizes to fit everything from water bottles to coffee mugs.



Petcube ($199)

The Petcube’s genius lies in its mobile app which allows you to access its built-in live camera stream, two-way audio, and even a laser toy. No matter where you are, you can play with your cats, yell at them to get off the counter, and finally know for sure which one vomited in your shoes (plot twist: it was your roommate!).


We can personally vouch for the Taskmaster’s productivity-boosting capabilities: Its vertical weekly view allows you to plan out tasks by day and hour, without losing sight of the entire week. (And yes, we would marry it if we could.)

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Sasha is the Associate Editor of 99U. You can watch her tweet here.

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