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Big Ideas

99U Music Mix – Buckle Down

Ready to put your head down and get sh*t done in the new year? Our latest 99U Music Mix will help you get into the productivity groove.

With a new year comes a renewed focus on executing the ideas that matter to you. To help you get started, resident 99U mix master Ayre Dworken has compiled an introspective playlist that will get you in the zone to crush whatever is in your way. If you dig this, be sure to check out our other 99U Music Mixes

Buckle Down Music Mix 

  1. Golden Arrow – Darkside [0:00]
  2. Magical Boy – DJ Koze feat. Matthew Dear [10:59]
  3. Lay in a Shimmer -Panthu Du Prince [18:15]
  4. Blackpool Late Eighties – Holden [24:41]
  5. Depak Ine – John Talabot [33:04]
  6. Silver – Caribou [40:29]
  7. Made To Stray – Mount Kimbie [45:39]
  8. Everything You Do Is A Balloon – Boards of Canada [50:24]
  9. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime – The Field [57:22]
  10. Parallel Jalebi – Four Tet [1:04:06]
  11. Tick of the Clock (Visione’s Stroke of Midnight Remix) – The Chromatics [1:08:11]
  12. Lost In Thought – Jon Hopkins [1:12:41]


99U stream:

Spotify playlist:

Note: Track versions and song lengths may vary slightly in this version.

Or subscribe to the list on Spotify here.

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Comments (10)
  • Tushar K Motwani

    Spotify is not available in India 🙁 Is this music available on SoundCloud or some other place.

    • Sean Blanda

      Nope, but you can stream it above with the embedded player.

  • H Max

    Holy s*&t – you really believe this list is conducive to sparking creative genius?! Many of these tracks are dark and morbid. Maybe it’s “new music,” but several of these tracks are predominantly somber downers. Horrible selection 99u. Did you even listen to this list?

  • 劉順心


  • H Max

    Forget anthems. Don’t know what the mood and zen of your office is, but that funereal list wouldn’t make the cut at any of the creative environments I’ve ever been in…or even enhance focus during a personal creative moment. Obviously, there’s a divergence of taste here.

    • Sasha

      Hmmm maybe try one of our most popular music mixes instead then:

    • Stefan Mos

      Obviously, judging by your activity we can quite clearly see where your taste comes from.

      • H Max

        Oh, Steffie, so sorry I’m disgusted with your favs Bethenny and the Kartrashian Klan. But I’m very impressed with your snooping skills. Have you applied to the NSA yet?

  • Stefan Mostert

    Thanks for sharing guys really enjoying the mix, beautifully curated.

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