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Essential Objects: For Commuters & Those Stuck Indoors

Tools that make us want to get to work.

As you get back to the grindstone and on the road, we rounded up the tools you’ll need to keep your time spent indoors sunny, regardless of the weather, and the long commute home a breeze.

Goodlife Key Tags 

This key tag provides a good life motto served at the most opportune time: as you leave your house each day. Make your own luck (or be like us and just order it online). 


Pickwick Backpack 

The Pickwick is your childhood backpack all grown up. The canvas roll-top keeps its shape, and everything safely inside, no matter how much or little you stuff in it.



Kiosk Dart Set

Feeling competitive? Besides improving your hand/eye coordination, playing darts has been shown in studies to alleviate stress almost immediately. Our own research found that having such a well-designed board reduces the pain of boring white walls as well. 


Connect Design Füüt 

Take a break without leaving your desk with this portable under-desk foot hammock. It’s adjustable so it can match your 4 p.m. slouch. Note: It ships from Korea, so be prepared to wait two to four weeks. 


Trip Case & Notebook 

This Hard Graft notebook is already gearing up for winter, with a soft wool cover and corresponding cognac leather case that’s big enough to hold the necessary supplies (pens, pencils, even a cell phone) without getting bulky. 


Bento Box

Takenaka’s bento boxes make bringing your lunch fun again. Just fill it and throw it in your bag: the built-in fork, dishwasher safe material, and microwavability make it almost as easy as when mom used to pack it for you.



Color Reference Drawers

Small enough to fit on your desk, with space deep enough to actually store things, these reference drawers are a welcome change in a world full of utilitarian office supplies. 


Art We Heart Paper Plants 

Finally, a desk plant you can’t kill! Made by hand entirely out of paper, all this baby needs is a good dusting every six months. 



Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug 

Long commute ahead? This vacuum insulated thermos keep liquids hot or cold for so long (way past six hours) that your coffee will be just as hot on the way home as it was on the way in.



Neck Cushion & Sleep App 

Perfect for frequent travelers, the center clasp on the Muji Neck Cushion allows it to be used as side support or a hip cushion as well. Still can’t sleep? The nature recordings in its sister mobile app, Muji to Sleep, will lull you into lalaland. 

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Sasha is the Associate Editor of 99U. You can watch her tweet here.

Comments (4)
  • Joe Nicklo

    $33.80 for a tupperware?! Give me a break. This is just more overpriced garbage to clutter our desk and homes up. From a site that has advocated decluttering and a clear workspace in its books numerous times — this is pretty lame. I expect this type of post from Abduzeedo but not 99U. C’mon guys.

    • Sasha

      You can get the smaller bento boxes ones for much less — technically this is a two-in-one kind of deal. This is also just the brand that we felt comfortable behind personally recommending. Go generic and get it cheap!

  • Anthony

    Just wanna say that I love this article! Hope you keep up with these Essential Objects posts because this article is exactly the kind of thing I want to read. Every product is cool and I’m considering getting the dart set or colour reference drawers. Thanks for the great ideas 😀

  • Marecka

    Kiosk Dart Set governs handy to me at work 🙂

  • Gustavo

    very good, thank.

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