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More Insights on Cultivating Relationships

In a world of collaborative creation, whom we surround ourselves with dictates how much we can achieve.

As the poet John Donne wrote, “No man is an island.” While we may cherish the myth of the lonely creative genius, it is just that—a myth. In truth, no individual (or idea) can flourish in a vacuum. Relationships, camaraderie, and collaboration are the lifeblood of our personal well-being and our professional success.

Put simply, opportunities flow through people. If you want a job, what you need is someone to hire you. If you want capital to start a business, what you need is an investor. If you want to sell a product, what you need is a customer. At ever stage in our careers, whatever level of opportunity or growth we seek, we depend on relationships to drive us forward.

Keith Yamashita: The 3 Habits of Great Creative Teams
When the your team is faced with adversity does it stand strong and act boldly or does it crumble under pressure? Based on his work with over 1000 teams, Keith Yamashita shares his insights about great collaborative environments

5 Evidence-Based Ways to Optimize Your Teamwork
Research shows us how to take our collaboration abilities to the next level by avoiding Groupthink and baking in a bit of “ritualized dissent.”

What Jazz Soloists Know About Creative Collaboration
Great collaborations rely on improvisation and receptivity. How to fuel creativity in your team by taking cues from jazz greats like Miles Davis and Charlie Parker.

5 Strategies for Tackling Tough Conversations
Admit your anxiety up front, avoid casting blame, and other tips on easing the uncomfortableness of sensitive conversations with creative egos. 

Why Sharing Your Work, Setbacks & Struggles Breaks Creative Blocks 
Trying to figure out how to overcome that nagging creative block? Talk it out with someone who knows absolutely nothing about what you do.

Coaxing Serendipity: How Casual Get-Togethers Drive Innovation
Social circles have played a key role in cultural movements from impressionism to beat poetry. A look at how and why informal get-togethers breed creativity.

Diagnosing (And Curing) Your Communication Issues
Over-communicating, under-communicating and everything in between. How to communicate clearly so you get what you want, when you want.



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