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Illustration by Fran Labuschagne

Feeling Anxious About Work? Ask Yourself These Four Questions

Kristine Steinberg helps both employees and executives battle anxiety and find fulfillment at work through her consulting and coaching practice. Here’s how you can do the same.

Giorgia Lupi: Finding Humanity in Data

Giorgia Lupi speaking on the 99U Conference main stage

From Double Opt-ins to Power Dynamics: Know Your Email Intro Etiquette

From professionals who have sent — and received — a lot of them.

Increase Your Productivity by Saying Goodbye to Drains and Incompletions

Start with these three steps to take back your time, energy, and attention.

6 Crucial Skills for Building a Good Workplace Reputation

Work in this town again and again: From the right dose of humility to the importance of follow-through, we compiled a list of golden rules for making a sterling reputation.

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Dr. Sahar Yousef seated on sofa in library.

Getting Back to Work After a Leave of Absence

Four creatives share lessons learned during time off and insights for a successful transition back.

The Rise of the Typographic Flash Card in the Age of Binge-Worthy TV

Bold, distinctive title cards are the new standard for your favorite streaming shows. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at why and how…

99U’s Top 5 Tips to Deal with Criticism

Whether it’s discovering unknown faults or accepting tough love, learn how to use criticism to your creative advantage.

Understanding Boredom

It’s not a pleasant state of being, but under the right lens it can spur creative growth and reengagement.

The Family-Run Business Reinventing Print for a Digital-First Generation

Stack of colored notecards.

Maximize Your Next Big Career Move with this Tool

These simple exercises can be invaluable for personal and professional growth. Follow the Johari Window technique to identify blind spots in your self-perception, uncover hidden strengths, and allow for new opportunities to come your way.

How to Attend a Conference Alone

People in a group at a conference.
Coworkers helping their peer scale stairs.