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Wesley ter Harr and Victor Knaap, the partners of Media Monks. Image courtesy of Media Monks.

Weighing the Risk: What's in a Name?

Good F***ing Design Advice co-founder Brian Buirge reflects on that time he decided to put the F-word in the company name and what it means today.

99U's best entrepreneur idea of 2018, represented by a series of circles that represent new interpretations.
Mona Chalabi is all smiles in her 99U profile shoot.

What You Need to Know About Working with a Recruiter

The Hired Guns founder, Allison Hemming, shares the inside scoop on how the right talent partner can supercharge your next career move.

The New Rules of Communicating in a Virtual World

Eight ideas to make your remote meetings more productive and effective.

Talent Wins

While the constantly changing needs of the 21st century make talent one of the biggest sources of value at any company, most HR infrastructures are stuck in the 20th century. Here are a few ways to transform your company into a talent-first organization that manages its people as wisely as its financial capital.

99U Magazine Discover Natasha Jen, Ninety Nine U Magazine
Jessica Hische; Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

This Cabin Provides a Creative Jolt

The creative artist residency is founded on the idea there’s a place we can go where our best work is waiting to greet us at the door.

New Museum's Ian Sullivan, on What His Son’s Brain Tumor Diagnosis Taught Him

If you’re lucky enough to get through a crisis, with distance comes perspective, and with perspective you fashion tools for your life.

Working Remotely from Antarctica to Albania

What it’s like to live and design in out-of-the-way locales. You get to explore the far reaches of the world, for work.

The State of the Digital Nation

Jules Ehrhardt paints a bleak picture of the agency landscape. But his provocative observations come with a message of hope for those in the industry.

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Daniel Savage Design Debate
Mike Perry; Broad City