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Does Your Company Need a Chief Storyteller?

Sure, it sounds like a wacky job title, but it's a real thing. Steve Clayton charts his unlikely career rise from engineer to hobby blogger to leading storytelling at Microsoft and shares how stories can deliver real value to a company. The secret to a good tale? Stories need to revolve around how products positively impact people.

Julie Campbell
daniel savage; has technology made our lives easier or harder?

Filipino Photographer Hannah Reyes Morales Goes Home Again

If you’re from Manila, Philippines, the common narrative is that you would stay here and never leave. But photographer, Hannah Reyes Morales, had to leave home in order to see the beauty amid the chaos where she lives and creates.

Hearing is Believing

Every moment of our lives is scored with music and sound. Some of it is human manufactured and some of it is ambient from being part of an analog world. The reality is we respond to sound quicker than any other sense. And Man Made Music founder Joel Beckerman has made that his business by launching and leading his sonic branding company.

Blue Bottle Founder James Freeman’s Journey From Mozart to Cortados

Freeman started Blue Bottle Coffee as a side hustle and it has grown from a single espresso cart to 40 locations around the world today. In this interview, he discusses how he used negative space to create a signature design aesthetic, how Blue Bottle carved out its own space in a crowded market, and how his previous career as a musician influenced his approach to business.

99U Magazine Discover Natasha Jen, Ninety Nine U Magazine
Jason Mayden

Todd Yellin: Create a Culture of Iconoclasts

VP of Product for Netflix and self-proclaimed “enabler of iconoclasts”, Todd Yellin explains his unique approach to leadership.

What Business can Learn from Design

How do the strengths of a designer-founded business actually play out in the office and with the client? And what can we learn from that? MailChimp’s VP of Design on high fives, AI, and connecting the dots.

Firing Your Most Lucrative Client, and Eight Other Crazy Career Changes That Were Ultimately Great Moves

Our favorite designers and illustrators to walk us through a time when they altered their course.

What I Wish I Knew at Every Age

Creatives, including Lisa Congdon, Debbie Millman, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Ken Done, share what they wish they had known during different decades of their careers.

Adam Higton; crafting your sales pitch.
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