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How to Turn a Creative Spark Into Something Real

The hunt and capture of inspiration requires patience, craftiness, and sometimes brute force. We asked three creatives about the traps to set for when inspiration comes your way and how to hold on for dear life once you've got it.

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Ashley C. Ford: Imagination Is a Creative Superpower

Ashley C. Ford speaking on the 99U Conference stage

Phrases That Trap Freelancers

The jargon, manipulation, bad intentions, good intentions but bad behavior, and downright BS that should make creatives run the other way.

7 Ways to De-escalate Office Tension

Mediation offers plenty of tactics to help turn fraught deskside conversations into productive ones.

How to Write a Better Bio

It's less comprehensive than an About Me page, but more than a resume objective. Here’s our guide to writing the tricky but crucial bio statement all freelance creatives need.

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Why You Need a Personal Website and How to Build One

It's good for you, your data, and your career to build and maintain a personal website. It's also essential to creating…

The Art of the Bounceback

Picking up the pieces after a major career blow can be fraught with obstacles and self-doubt. We spoke to a handful…

Understanding Boredom

It’s not a pleasant state of being, but under the right lens it can spur creative growth and reengagement.

How to Build a Team That Can Handle Any Creative Project

The CEO of an award-winning design firm shares his blueprint for successful teamwork.

When the Personal Shapes the Professional

Bookkeeping 101: How Organized Freelancers Manage Their Finances

Overwhelmed by the idea of keeping detailed financial records for your business? You’re not alone. But developing a good bookkeeping system can help lower your tax bill and prepare you in the event of an audit. Here’s how other self-employed workers get it done.  

Working From Home: A Beginner’s Guide

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