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A woman sits in a home office, illustrating in front of a computer with a cat sitting on a bed, as viewed through a green window

Feeling Anxious About Work? Ask Yourself These Four Questions

Kristine Steinberg helps both employees and executives battle anxiety and find fulfillment at work through her consulting and coaching practice. Here’s how you can do the same.

Thaniya Keereepart: Shaping a Better Creative Economy

Thaniya Keereepart speaking on the 99U Conference main stage

How to Deal With Time Pressure at Work

Psychologist Christian Jarrett digs into the research behind time pressure, creativity, and productivity.

99U Conference Speaker Spotlight: Nishat Akhtar

The designer, illustrator, and creative director reflects on perspective, accountability, and the value of pushing against sameness.

A Neuroscientist Shares 5 Ways to Hack Productivity

Multitasking is a myth, Sahar Yousef, Ph.D. tells us. Here, she weighs in on a few tactics to use your noggin more efficiently.

An announcement about the Adobe 99U Conference

How to Overcome Creative Obstacles

Creatives on pushing past blocks and making a long-standing idea a reality.

Wait, What's That Job? Taxidermist and Jeweler Julia deVille

The Melbourne-based jeweler on her hands-on process and how a circuitous path led to a flourishing creative practice.

Advice, Lessons, and Inspiration from Creative Women

Insights and reflections from women who are driving the push for positive change in creative industries. 

7 Accessibility Lessons for Designers 

A new book from designer Reginé Gilbert explores the fundamentals of inclusive design and how to make it a priority.

How to Answer the Dreaded Question, “What Do You Do?”

Figure looking into electronic tablet

Zach Klein on the Most Memorable Advice He's Received

Collaboration, play, and finding the flow at work: The new CEO of Dwell shares the words of wisdom that have never left him.

Brainstorming as a Balancing Act

Colorful post-it markers.
Two figures looking at painting