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Mike Perry; Broad City

The New Rules of Communicating in a Virtual World

Think about the correspondences you’ve had today: How many were done with people outside your office, whether over video chat, email, or messaging platforms? Increasingly, more of our work communications are taking place virtually. So here's eight ideas to make your remote meetings more productive and effective.

Kim Høltermand; photography

From Designer to Founder: Two Entrepreneurs Share Lessons From Building their Businesses

Design Army co-founder Pum Lefebure and Lumi CEO, Jesse Genet, share their experiences from launching and leading their companies.

Why Creatives Should Embrace Capitalism

Vince Kadlubek, who has led the DIY art collective Meow Wolf to national success, looks back on his time on the fringes of the creative economy and shares a few words of wisdom on how creatives can balance business and craft.

How to Think Beyond Conventional Wisdom

In our work, we simply can’t afford to make decisions when we feel helpless, nervous, or mindless, at least not if we hope to push beyond conventional thinking to be more creative. Three psychological barriers explain our tendency to cling to the general wisdom and favor absolutes, rather than act as we should: like investigators.

99U Magazine Discover Natasha Jen, Ninety Nine U Magazine
GFDA Jason Bacher

John Maeda: How a Fall Opened a New Chapter of Inclusion

The design luminary and global head of computational design and inclusion at Automattic shares his journey to eye opening new perspectives.

New Museum's Ian Sullivan, on What His Son’s Brain Tumor Diagnosis Taught Him

If you’re lucky enough to get through a crisis, with distance comes perspective, and with perspective you fashion tools for your everyday life.

How Can We Make Design Better for the Color-Blind?

Eight percent of all men and 0.5 percent of women experience some form of colorblindness. What can design do to help them?

The State of the Digital Nation 2020

Jules Ehrhardt paints a bleak picture of the agency landscape, pointing out flaws in the model, and urging creatives to consider their options. But his provocative observations come with a message of hope for those in the industry.

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