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How Global Design Studio Ueno Maintains Its Creative Soul While Growing Rapidly

Founder Haraldur Thorleifsson shares why the company promotes employees based on how they collaborate, why his company speaks its mind on social and cultural issues, and how they got into the content creation business.

Ingrid Fetell Lee; joyful

Christine Sun Kim: Your Work Is a Product of Your Experience

The artist Christine Sun Kim asks all creatives to consider how their outputs are colored by their own experiences, abilities, and empathy.

A Meeting of the Minds

Designers Dani Balenson and Indhira Rojas interviewed each other about redefining the language of mental health, growing into their illnesses and developing communities around their work.

Blue Bottle Founder James Freeman’s Journey From Mozart to Cortados

Freeman started Blue Bottle Coffee as a side hustle and it has grown from a single espresso cart to 40 locations around the world today. In this interview, he discusses how he used negative space to create a signature design aesthetic, how Blue Bottle carved out its own space in a crowded market, and how his previous career as a musician influenced his approach to business.

99U Magazine Discover Natasha Jen, Ninety Nine U Magazine
Julie Campbell; redesigning the voter ballot

John Maeda: How a Fall Opened a New Chapter of Inclusion

The design luminary and global head of computational design and inclusion at Automattic shares his journey to eye opening new perspectives.

A Creative Director Finds Purpose and Profit in Self-Publishing

Once you publish your book, you might think that’s where the journey stops. But, says creative director Radim Malinic, that’s only the first half. What you do after your title is released is the most important part.

How Can We Make Design Better for the Color-Blind?

Eight percent of all men and 0.5 percent of women experience some form of colorblindness. What can design do to help them?

The State of the Digital Nation 2020

Jules Ehrhardt paints a bleak picture of the agency landscape, pointing out flaws in the model, and urging creatives to consider their options. But his provocative observations come with a message of hope for those in the industry.

daniel savage; has technology made our lives easier or harder?
99U Conference

May 8-10, 2019

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Adam Higton; crafting your sales pitch.
How Robinhood uses design to make stock trading accessible.