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Adam J Kurtz

Hearing is Believing

We don’t necessarily realize it, but every moment of our lives is scored with music and sound. Some of it is human manufactured and some of it is ambient from being part of an analog world. The reality is we respond to sound quicker than any other sense. And Man Made Music founder Joel Beckerman has made that his business by launching and leading his sonic branding company.

A Brief History of the World Cup Logo

It follows FIFA's evolution from soccer organization to global marketing beast.

A Road Map for Your Next Crisis

We all encounter defining challenges in our careers. It’s unavoidable. But it’s how we handle them that matters most. From career quandaries to financial lows, these creatives share how they overcame their greatest dilemmas.

Rules to Reset Digital Advertising

Are ads killing the internet? Former 99U speaker and Timehop COO, Rick Webb weighs in on the house of cards of online advertising, the myth of targeting, and why we need to rethink regulation. Read on for some big picture insight into exactly what’s happening on your little screen.

99U Magazine Discover Natasha Jen, Ninety Nine U Magazine
Audrey Liu

From the Drawing Board to the Board Room

A design firm gives everyday employees the chance to make some of its most important decisions.

What Business can Learn from Design

How do the strengths of a designer-founded business actually play out in the office and with the client? And what can we learn from that? MailChimp’s VP of Design on high fives, AI, and connecting the dots.

Firing Your Most Lucrative Client, and Eight Other Crazy Career Changes That Were Ultimately Great Moves

Our favorite designers and illustrators to walk us through a time when they altered their course.

What I Wish I Knew at Every Age

Creatives, including Lisa Congdon, Debbie Millman, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Ken Done, share what they wish they had known during different decades of their careers.

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