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An illustration of a man writing in a notepad imaging himself holding a trophy

Illya Milstein on Creative Stereotypes and Mental Health

The Brooklyn-based illustrator shares his path of professional self-discovery, the hard-won advice he gives to aspiring artists, and how to bring stability to the otherwise uncertain life of a freelancer.

A blue title card with "leadership" written on it

Kat Holmes: Rethink What Inclusive Design Means

Kat Holmes speaking on the 99U main stage

Why You Need a Personal Website and How to Build One

It's good for you, your data, and your career to build and maintain a personal website. It's also essential to creating…

Understanding Boredom

It’s not a pleasant state of being, but under the right lens it can spur creative growth and reengagement.

The Cottage Design Industry Popping Up Around 2020

As upstart campaigns like that of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez become a new normal in American politics, a cottage industry of design agencies, more used to digital campaigns than political ones, is growing up around these candidates and rethinking what it looks like to run for office in 2020.

The Creative Future Report

How to Build a Team That Can Handle Any Creative Project

The CEO of an award-winning design firm shares his blueprint for successful teamwork.

When the Personal Shapes the Professional

From family challenges to becoming a parent to divorce, creatives talk life-changing experiences that shaped their work and what helped them…

Ten Human Skills for the Future of Work

What if the key to producing better work in the future was actually driven by practicing empathy and self-leadership?

Working From Home: A Beginner’s Guide

Practical tips for taking advantage of the perks without falling into the pitfalls of freelancing or working remotely.

From Fertility to Identity, Design Can Dismantle Isolation

A picture of a woman with black hair against a pink background

How Productive Creatives Manage Their To-Do Lists

The mess of to-do apps, Post-it notes, and push notifications that we use to keep us on track is a unique portrait of our own personal productivity (or lack of it). Whether you’re a multitasking maven or scrambling to stay on top of it, here’s a review of creatives and the systems they use to help you own the art of getting things done.

7 Ways to De-escalate Office Tension

Mediator Brad Heckman
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