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What It Takes to Turn a Hobby Into a Career at Age 40

Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon on how she transitioned from a job in non-profit education to a high-profile freelance art career working for brands such as Airbnb, Facebook, and the Museum of Modern Art.

More Than Ever, Creativity Demands Courage

party scene at 99U Conference 2019 with interactive design on the large screen

The One-Word Question That Never Goes Out of Style

Thaniya Keereepart, head of product experience at crowdfunding platform Patreon, says curiosity is everything.

5 Rituals for More Productive, Creative, and Resilient Teams

Getting people to perform at their best is hard, especially in creative environments where change is constant.

What Creative Visionaries Do That Most People Overlook

As a society, we adore creative visionaries. We follow them on social media, praise them in blog posts, and eagerly listen to them on podcasts. But we've misunderstood their magic: it's not that they're able to see the future, but that they're able to see the present while the rest of us are busy looking at the past.

The Creative Future Report
Julia Bainbridge in a red coat standing alone in a living room

Lessons for First-Time Managers

What if the manager you always wish was in the room is … you?

To Survive the Future, Get in Touch With Your Inner Child

With AI becoming more prevalent, these are the skills you need to reignite.

Michael Ventura: Self-Observation Is the Skill of the Future

If there's one certainty about the future, it's that things are speeding up, not slowing down.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Empathy

In a world where AI and other technologies are driving rapid change, what skill do you feel is futureproof?

The Better Way to Pull the Plug on a Creative Project

A person cuts into a stack of art tools with a pair of scissors

From Tech to Diversity: A Few Predictions for Creatives

Things are moving fast. Hoping to get a pulse on where things are headed, we asked a handful of seasoned digital creatives across a variety of disciplines to help marketers, designers, and other creatives spot opportunities this year.

How Do You Find Clients? Designers Share Their Best Advice

Black and white image of Jamal Dauda in flowered shirt