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A graphic of a woman in front of a computer weighing money and vision

To Survive the Future, Make Yourself Upgradable

There's no time like the present to think about the skills that will become more important in the future. For Fake Love’s Layne Braunstein, creatives who want to succeed in an increasingly tech-driven environment will treat the word ‘innovator’ as more than just a line in their bios.

Aaron Dignan: Being a Leader Means Giving Up Control

Black and white close shot of Aaron Dignan.

Farai Chideya: The Episodic Career

99U Conference Talk by Farai Chideya

Pitching an Idea Before You've Nailed Down the Details

What happens when you're asked to deliver on an idea that's only half-formed?

Finding Success on the Fringe

Husband-and-wife duo Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy have built a following for an array of well-made niche products.

Looking for a Career Boost? Advice From Creative Coaches

It’s common for athletes, executives, and opera stars to have performances coaches—people to set goals, benchmarks, tackle potential, and keep them in shape. But coaching has expanded beyond the C-Suite and the playing field to ambitious creatives at all levels of their careers.

Adobe 99U Conference
A headshot of a white woman with short blonde hair against a neutral background

Collaborating on a Creative Project? Tips for Making It Work

Partnerships can be messy, but when done right, they can sustain and push you far beyond the point you would have…

Kyle T. Webster's Advice for Creatives of the Future: Build a Community, Not Just a Portfolio

How do you stand out in a tech-driven world? Seek out opportunities to build meaningful, human connections.

Lyft's VP of Design on the Secrets to Scaling a Team

For Katie Dill, building a team is like mixing a great cocktail – it’s about finding the right balance of ingredients.

Freelancers: How to Negotiate Like a Pro

Talking about pay may be tricky, but it’s a necessary skill, particularly as more workers find themselves in the gig economy.

A Print Magazine About Cannabis Has High Hopes for the Future

A photo of Broccoli mag resting on a table next to a plant.

The First Five Years: How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure

Just starting out in your career and feel like everything you do is terrible? In the age of social media, it's easy to enter the destructive cycle of comparing yourself to others. Here's how to break free of the negativity, say goodbye to 'impostor syndrome,' and create a confidence that will stay with you as you climb the ladder.

Why Intuition Is a Skill You Shouldn't Ignore

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Colorful Chobani yogurt containers sitting on a colorful backdrop.