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A hand picks up a yellow magazine from a shelf full of magazines

A Type Museum Preserves the Skill of Letterpress Printing

Two graphic designers with a love for letterpress turned a 250 year old business into a living museum, a small-run press, and an unofficial clubhouse for print wonks.

Vince Kadlubek: Make a Mind-Blowing Experience

99U Conference Talk by Meow Wolf's Vince Kadlubek

What a thousand-year-old Japanese tradition can teach us about branding

A Berlin-based aroma space designer brings a subtle Japanese art and process to the Western world. Plus, what this means for…

Bust Fragmentation and Embrace the Unfinished

Pentagram partner Eddie Opara talks US passports, Democracy, and the gravity of discussing graphic design.

Phrases That Trap Freelancers

The jargon, manipulation, bad intentions, good intentions but bad behavior, and downright BS that should make creatives run the other way.

The Creative Future Report
Alain Sylvain speaking on stage at 99U Conference 2019 with NASA fashion images

Lessons for First-Time Managers

What if the manager you always wish was in the room is … you?

Weighing the Risk: Be Open to the Outcome, Not Attached to It

Difficult and uncomfortable as it is, the proper way to begin any project is by abandoning linear expectations for a final…

How to Launch a Creative Project on Little to No Budget

Start by asking yourself: ‘What do I want from this?’

More Than Ever, Creativity Demands Courage

See the best insights from the 2019 Adobe 99U Conference.

Lessons for First-Time Managers

A colorful building with staircases leading upwards.

5 Rituals for More Productive, Creative, and Resilient Teams

Getting people to perform at their best is hard, especially in creative environments where change is constant.

What Creative Visionaries Do That Most People Overlook

A depiction of a person with clouds expanding from his or her head
Julia Bainbridge in a red coat standing alone in a living room