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How Creatives Handle Transitions and Uncertainty

Major life and career shifts bring with them a host of nerve-wracking feelings. From small rituals to embracing the in-between, we gathered insights on how to make it through times of transition from those who have been through it all.

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Anna Pickard: How to Make Brands Sound Human

A woman in a patterned black shirt speaking onstage

Five Ways to Nurture a Sense of Self

From respecting your morning routine to the value of playfulness, creatives offer insights on the importance of nourishing your identity separate…

7 Ways to De-escalate Office Tension

Mediation offers plenty of tactics to help turn fraught deskside conversations into productive ones.

Ten Human Skills for the Future of Work

We’ve all heard how we must practice being more human to avoid turning into robots. But how about practicing humanity to make sure we don’t become monsters? Perhaps the key to producing better work in the future is actually driven by practicing empathy and self-leadership.

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The Rise of the Typographic Flash Card in the Age of Binge-Worthy TV

Bold, distinctive title cards are the new standard for your favorite streaming shows. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at why and how…

Working From Home: A Beginner’s Guide

Practical tips for taking advantage of the perks without falling into the pitfalls of freelancing or working remotely.

Freelancers: Stop Feeling Guilty For Not Working!

It’s easier said than done, we know. But being self-employed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some downtime. Here’s how to reframe…

How to Write a Better Bio

It's less comprehensive than an About Me page, but more than a resume objective. Here’s our guide to writing the tricky…

Bookkeeping 101: How Organized Freelancers Manage Their Finances

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Maximize Your Next Big Career Move with this Tool

These simple exercises can be invaluable for personal and professional growth. Follow the Johari Window technique to identify blind spots in your self-perception, uncover hidden strengths, and allow for new opportunities to come your way.

How Creative Conferences and Events Select Speakers

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