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Personal Branding

Good Peoples: Elite Meet and Greet

Music industry maven Katie Longmeyer gets down to brass tacks about the organization and raw determination that underpins her party promoting success.

Nicknamed, ‘Queen Bee’ for a reason, Katie Longmeyer is a prominent figure on the New York nightlife scene.  Katie is Founder of downtown taste machine, Good Peoples, an independent boutique that nurtures a roster of underground artists, implements savvy marketing campaigns, and elevates existing brand platforms.

Kick-starting the now legendary parties, Buzz and Fever, in DC and Baltimore back in 1997, she hit New York soil when the country’s number one label, Warner Bros, poached her.  She rode up the ranks, broke new ground in music management and eventually was honoured with the specially created title of ‘Brand Partnership Manager.’  Her thinking was, “Own your area of expertise and understand that saying no is just as good for your ideas and business as saying yes,” a mindset that eventually led her to leave the label and build her own brand.Creative communities work in clusters, but within them exist centrifugal forces to keep them active.  Fused by a series of collaborations, Katie looked at her hub of talent:  “All of the people around me have their own brands, events and projects so I work to connect them, partner them with corporate organizations and promote them in a creative way. My inspiration is music; how people create it, connect it, share it, and translate it into their lives. I start here, look to my creative partners to inspire me, then broaden my ideas to create multi-layered impactful events.” Good Peoples recently partnered with Mean Red Productions to share and connect resources; since then they have collectively brought Switch, Sinden, A-trak, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Michna, Mike Simonetti, and The Retro Kidz to the Meatpacking District, Brooklyn and Chinatown.

All of my successes are directly related to what I invest in them.

Katie is driven by a combination of passion and time management.  “I’m an incredibly detail orientated person, and keep calendars, notes on conversations and lists for every project I work on.  All of my successes are directly related to what I invest in them.  I usually block out my time:  9-11am for calls, 11-1pm for emails, 2 hours for brainstorms, 3 for meetings, etc.” Yet Katie knows the real challenges lie in working with others.  “Everyone’s creative process is different and doesn’t often translate into more linear aspects like production schedules and deadlines.” This she turns into an advantage, guiding her to take on fewer projects, and instead consider more qualitative elements: “The extra effort to go deep with the people you work with strengthens your relationships and keeps everyone invested in the final goal.”

For Katie, an eye on her vision is what will keep her business relevant.  “Music is a multi-level experience, connector and communicator across the mediums.  I’m motivated by the ways to translate into the world, and I want to create several platforms where music can educate and continue to surprise the way we live it.”

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